Hungry and need food

I would like to share with you my thoughts on giving money to people on the street seeking money due to their condition in life. In the past I thought to myself, “Why should I give them money?  I’m sure they are going to spend it on drugs or alcohol.”  I developed in my head all the justification of how they wouldn’t use it for the purpose they were claiming.  But really was it my place to decide how they should spend it?  I have the option to give it or not.  They have the option to use it for their own good or not.  So I changed my thoughts about it and decided to give whenever I saw them and could help. My next thought after this was to devise how to give the money and how much.  So I decided two dollars was like nothing to most of us in society today that have a job.  I tried to think of all kinds of clever ways to present the money.  Should I fold it?  Should I also say something specific?  Roll it with a note inside?  Yes!  Roll it and put a note inside that’s a great idea!  But wait.  This is their life lesson they are learning through not mine.  I can’t save them.  I only have the option of helping or not and I decided I’d help.  So my decision was just to keep four or five folded up sets of two dollars with me. If they are an aspect of self why wouldn’t I help them?  I’m not telling this to get credit for the good deed.  I just wanted to share a perspective related to this so that you might also consider those in need that you pass by.  Realize also that this pertains to all kinds of assistance requests.  If you can help, consider helping.

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  1. If I had a billion dollars I could give a billion people a dollar each to help them on their path. If I had a hundred billion dollars each person could have a hundred dollars each. Alas it would go no further .

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