People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime

Season 2

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Your soul is very good about assisting you behind the scenes so you get optimal learning out of your lessons in life. Thankfully it knows when you need someone else in your life to assist you.

Then seemingly out of nowhere someone steps in and it is like a minor miracle because actually that’s exactly what has happened. Your soul wept and the universe answered. It cried out for help and help was sent. The other person has no clue initially why it was called, only that it was and it’s path is to serve.

This person could be there for friendship, love, nurturing, wisdom or as a wayshower. Since they are in touch with their soul they follow it’s little suggestions and give you exactly the help you need. In a world that seems so confused and dreadful, this part of it is perfection. Only those who ask for help are given it and your soul knows how to ask. Sometimes it’s only at that darkest hour that the cry goes out because that is the signal you’ve met the endpoint in which you can help yourself. Sometimes that point calls for another physical person or it could be a guide who helps you behind the scenes almost transparently with slight nudges that cause you to go this way or that. Sometimes your soul gives up and chooses a more permanent way to end your suffering. Always though the universe will keep trying to assist those who ask. Due to free will no help can be given unless it’s requested. Luckily that request can come from your soul as well as your physical form.

Cherish these people and listen well to their assistance. It could come from verbal direction or even the love they radiate. Be assured that you will succeed if you follow their lead because if not, more help will be sent.

Rest assured you are never alone and help is there waiting for you to ask for it. We are always most happy to assist you to help you continue on your path back to your connection to source that was lost so long ago.

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  1. A beautiful attribute of the soul…nicely stated 🙂

  2. HEY that is beautiful Dennis and soo very true I started writing about 25 years ago when I moved to Sedona and started to really open ..I will share my story on the blog ..just haven’t sat down to do so but te more you flex your spiritual muscles the more they expand..what you focus on expands I focus on the most powerful postive and spiritual energies ..everything else is an illusion anyway only LOVE is real I KNOW YOU KNOW this…I will not even read the sights that delve into the dark side of our heres to OUR CELESTIAL GALACTIC INTERPLANITARY FAMILY OF DIVINE LIGHTS ORBS ELVES FAERIES MERMAIDS AND MERMEN HIGHER SELVES AND ASCENDED MASTERS GAIA AND ALL THE PLANETS ETC LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE GLUE THE INFINITE CONNECTER AND ULTIMATELY OUR TRUE HOME !!!!yeah did I cover everythingoxoxoxoxoxoxobig hug happy spring APRIL11111111

  3. beautiful, Dennis and so true! thank you!♥

  4. beautifully said Dennis, and you are too right I feel the same way about people come and go in my life…<3

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