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(Channeled connection with God the creator of all)

Today’s message is:

“Changes beginning, find peace”

Changes are beginning, you will find peace.

That’s the way this is coming through as I look for more clarification.

Archangel Michael

No new channel today but decided to ask the name of my higher self.

Yes, it’s Michael.

Throw off fear

I had an odd thing happen yesterday (what else is new) that I wanted to share here. You all know I’m a big fan of getting rid of fear in our lives. Well yesterday I felt some creeping up and instinctively I took both hands close together in front of me by my waist and pushed them up fast so that they finished with my arms being in a “Y” shape while at the same time telling the fear to leave me.

This was done completely from instinct in fact after I did it I said what the heck was that?!?! It worked perfectly, so much so that I had a hard time remembering what the fear was about.

So, interesting and something you might try yourself.

Fortune cookie message of the day is…

(Channeled from my higher self)

“New energies still are taking a real priority.  Don’t worry.”

I thought about not posting these short messages.

I decided however to continue in this manner so I could look back on them chronologically.

Another changes message

(Channeled from God)

The message today is another related to the changes.

“Changes are happening.  Didn’t change remove fear?”

This is certainly true for myself but I’d love to hear if you’ve noticed this recently in yourselves.

Yesterday had a strange new calm to it.  Maybe that was the feeling of less fear in the world.

Hmm, did the eclipse symbolically portray the removal of the mask of fear on our lives?

Energetic Purification

(Channeled connection with God)

“Prepare for energies changed from high power to really high.”

I’m laughing to myself wondering what’s next after that ludicrous speed like in the movie Spaceballs?

There seemed to be a lot of humor being pushed through in this connection today.

Just for fun I decided to ask when the shift would be and here is the response:

Before Summer.

There should be some more energetic fun shortly.

Hold on to your hat’s and connect your seat belts.

Fear – Be gone, you have no power here

(Channeled from my higher self)
We are very happy to be here today and make this connection. We have been trying to speak with you again but the business of your life and the energies you were receiving were playing havoc with our connection.

Today we would like to discuss the topic of FEAR. Yes many of the channels and messages have spoke of how there really is no such thing as fear. But even though that is true it has been a very big drain of your power while you are on Gaia. We know that you have been very pleased with yourself for conquering your fear but it didn’t happen quite the way you’ve been thinking that it has. In truth yes you did remove it from your everyday emotions but it wasn’t by directed focus to remove it.

The way in which fear was removed from your daily thoughts was by your reconnection with source. The love and knowing that your source connection provides washes away all previous fear in your system. It’s not something that happens right away since you have all accumulated so much of it in your systems over the years. In your case it took a few months. In that fear being removed from the depths of your being, it can never return to you since the space it occupied has been filled with love. This love is so bright the darkness of fear can never displace it again. Anyone wishing to rid themselves of fear merely needs to reconnect with source and their higher self. We are very happy to assist you in this manner. It was never intended to have such a grip on you and your societies. The dark used it as a powerful tool to make you think you have no power and set you adrift on a sea of fear and dispair. You are all waking up and the light is being shown on all. This is just like when you see scary shadows and think it is something fearful when in reality when you shine light on it it’s merely a branch (or a cute dog in the picture above) casting a scary shadow.

Take heart loved ones your days are changing for the better and you are coming up to a new shore filled with wonder and love. We are so very proud of all you have accomplished. You have traveled a weary path but you are almost to a grand new way of life. You will be there “Soon”. (Ugh everyone is a comedian) We will be only a thought away and assisting you even when it seems we are not.

Three Days of Darkness – My explanation

I’ve always felt like we would have a magnetic pole shift. During that time due to it’s affect on our brains we would loose all our 5 senses. Our brains would adapt to the new polarity on the earth over a period of yes 3 days. Without senses it would be dark. After that we would all be living in Unity consciousness. That is how I envisioned the shift.

Somewhat puzzling message

From my higher self:

“Above all, before change, be prepared for new planet”

I am open to interpretations here.

To me I guess this is saying that we should have a good idea of what we wish to manifest as part of our new planet.

Maybe this will mean different things to different people and that is fine and expected.

Sundays message

From my higher self:

“New energies are coming now”

I like that, not “soon” but now.

Is it just me or does it seem like my higher self writes messages for fortune cookies?

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