Somewhat puzzling message

From my higher self:

“Above all, before change, be prepared for new planet”

I am open to interpretations here.

To me I guess this is saying that we should have a good idea of what we wish to manifest as part of our new planet.

Maybe this will mean different things to different people and that is fine and expected.

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  1. Hi again, Dennis! I really appreciate this post and your connections… They resonate deeply with my connections with my Guides, and the concise, to-the-point words are very familiar… We truly have no time to “waste”, and I can tell your team knows that. You’re very fortunate, and I’m very grateful that you’re sharing.

    I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately that I think relate to this message you’ve posted, so here’s my “take” on it…

    What I’ve been hearing is that we’d really and truly better prepare ourselves for the 5th dimension, because there *will* be a planetary shift that will result in a “new” Gaia…

    The trick is, how do we help people to understand this? When our Guides say things like “Now is the Time”, how do we help people understand that They are trying to nudge us into action and effort, not into excited anticipation of our Galactic Families arriving and fixing everything…

    Ooops, looks like I’m writing a post in your comments section! I’m sorry, I’ll go finish this elsewhere as I re-blog it on Up 2 the 5th (, if you don’t mind – is that alright?

    The point I started out to make is that I think our Guides are trying to say that we have to “…prepare(d) for new planet” BEFORE the changes we wish for (an end to war, poverty, starvation, manipulation, etc.) will arise… And also that, the arising of the “new planet” will involve, shall we say, some birthing pains. So we need to learn some new, powerful “breathing techniques”.

    Does that resonate with you?

    In love and light (and Namaste),
    Leslee 😀

  2. Hi, Dennis, I hope you don’t mind.. I got on a roll… re-blogged here:
    with love and light, and please let me know if that’s okay with you! Cheers & Namaste, Leslee

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