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More of the same

From my higher self:

“Be prepared.  Big change coming now.  Necessary pay attention”

Seems like I’m getting the same thing from higher self.  Well I’ll do as it says and pay attention.  At least it doesn’t say “SOON”.

TAUKing to God

My session today was with God.  I asked for a message to share.

“Give no hand before mind changes places with heart.”

Let me elaborate on the message I’m feeling from this.  To me this is encouraging us to think from our hearts.  A very simple message but not so easily changed by some.  I’m sensing that no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, enlightened soul or sound asleep.  You will get Gods help if you just live a life where your heart guides the way.

Message from Higher Self – Short and to the point

Big changes, dream no more.

Please be ready.

Back from vacation now

Back from vacation now.

Prepare for the onslaught of my postings again. I can’t tell you how important our times of stillness are to our spiritual advancement. As much as I enjoyed my vacation it was very difficult to make and keep a good spiritual connection amid noise and haste. I mention this so others will realize that as much as they want to work on their connection it will be VERY difficult without quiet times for yourself. Love and light to you all ♥

Heard in meditation today 5/4/2012

“This is your wake up call”

In meditation today I heard three rings and then the phrase “This is your wake up call”. Next I saw the Eye of Horus and it transformed into a woman, maybe Mary. As I searched for the Eye of Horus image to show here I remembered Nancy Tate uses it and found it in one of her messages titled (synchronistically) “Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 3 May 2012”

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