A thought came to me yesterday…

A thought came to me yesterday that I want to share and I’ve discussed this before. There is ONE underlying wrong done to everyone, in the western world at least. We are taught from a young age that something is WRONG with us. This begins to deteriorate our self love which is our natural state.

You’re too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet, too this or that. As that programming starts to sink in it eats us away like an acid chewing away at us and weakening our self love. In self defense we tuck it away and hide it from others. We certainly don’t want others to know this about us. If you can’t love yourself as is, how can you possibly love someone else unconditionally?

In quiet we toil away at ways to fix this one and many other things we’ve been told are wrong with us. This cloud affects everything we do including how we treat others. In fact we learn the programming and instinctively use it in our communication with others. It’s like a program just running in the background of our mind waiting for the perfect moment to use it. We use it while walking down the street or driving to everyone we see along the way.

Not only has it been a perfect way of minimizing each of us internally, it has successfully grown seemingly it’s own awareness. It constantly distracts us from appreciating what we, the world and others have to offer our reality. I’m going to call it a virus. It spreads on contact and few know they have contracted it so they aren’t seeking a cure. The government, churches, doctors, television all are part of the plan to self propagate and sure up the walls this creates within you.

All the distractions and advertising keep you in this state. Your natural state is loving of yourself and all others. Every person at their core is beautiful and striving to help others and experience all there is to see and feel. When some great catastrophe happens we all forget our petty differences and spring to action to assist others that are complete strangers who may even be on the other side of the world.

The great kept secret is you are perfect. You are a part of divine perfection shared with this world to create and experience all the wonderful things that this world can produce and share. Start everyday loving yourself. You can’t have the tools to love others if you don’t love yourself. From that point healing can begin for you and through you as you interact with others in this beautiful world.

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  1. Wonderful, and well-said, Dennis…thank you for sharing this!♥♥♥

  2. Thank you for this eloquent wake-up call, Dennis… It feels so good to step back, rub my eyes, shake my head, and turn away from some of the craziness going on… Thank you for being a shinig light that’s worth keeping in my field of vision! 😉

  3. Agree 100% 💜 you can’t pour from an empty cup….

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