Unexpected group reaction on the train

In an effort to both uplift all of you and myself let me share a very nontypical reaction of some travelers on the train the other day. I always take the quiet car when traveling by train if possible. It’s a place one can get some sleep or enjoy reading while making our way to our destination. This has always been a great time to get some serious reading done. No discussions or business calls are permitted there. The people who choose this car seem very serious about their quiet. Many times this silence is defended in the most uncivilized of ways. I suspect at one time a few years ago I too may have been guilty of less than kind reminders to the offenders to these rules. That part of me is long gone and forgiven.

This day on the train seemed like any other really but something was very much different as you’ll surmise as I did. After a few stops a man sat in the empty seat in front of me next to another man. They seemed to really hit it off well and the chatting began. I sat there waiting for the one person who could no longer contain themselves and would have to remind the two men that they were on the quiet car. Minutes passed as I looked around with a bit of a smile on my face waiting to see who it would be. Yet more minutes passed until finally someone respectfully reminded them that they were on the quiet car. But the normal reaction was quite different than usual. About 10 of us all around them just started laughing. The two men apologized for forgetting and we all had a nice laugh.

About 20 minutes later two girls were passing through our car and were chatting and laughing when one of them stopped and realized and apologized. We all started laughing again and told them not to worry about it. I’m so happy I witnessed this since it seems very hard to believe even though I was there and part of it.

In closing I just wanted to share this because even though the public media would never let on that the world is slowly changing for the better, it’s happening. You only have to look around to notice.

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  1. Thank you, Dennis…this is so awesome and encouraging!♥ thank you for your beautiful sharing of this wonderful change in our world♥ sharing this♥

    • silentwindofchange

      Thanks Fran. It happened a couple of days ago. I kept getting silent nudges to share it so I think it is important to share if you can.

  2. It is the small, wonderful things that we know deep inside, that fill us up and waft us along… It is getting better, isn’t it? 😀
    Thank you for letting us know and helping us see!

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