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Answers, Knowledge or Wisdom?

As we travel our path we seek answers.  Answers are great, it’s a sort of instant gratification.  But answers aren’t really what we want.

So we take those answers and do research on our own.  Research is wonderful.  We not only learn more about what we were searching, it also creates new pathways for us to choose from.  All these new paths when traveled and gathered together give us knowledge.  Great I now have knowledge.  But it’s not really what we are searching for on our path.

What we really want is wisdom.  Wisdom is created when we use our knowledge and experience it’s effect on our world.  Wisdom is not quick and it’s not easy.  It can’t be bought, borrowed or stolen. Wisdom is earned.

The following I think gives a good view of this process from a teacher’s perspective:

Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.
~Nikos Kazantzakis

Also this one:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

In your search for guidance, don’t be surprised where it comes from or that you may be wrong

Sometimes due to all the inner work we do, we feel we have a clear guidance on the proper path to solving a problem we are working through.

Not always.

One particular problem was a family one that we were working through.  My daughters and I thought we knew best and were adamant that my wife was wrong.  The turmoil this caused throughout the house was terrible.  I was sure I was correct.  I asked for guidance and got it.

But, the answer from the guidance was that I was wrong.  What?  I follow my guidance how could I have been wrong?  I don’t know.  I would typically say it was from ego but this time it just seems that I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture and opening up to the answer being given to me from my wife. 🙂

The path she suggested, we have taken and everything is wonderful related to it.  I felt like it would be good to point out this possibility that’s only seen when we open ourselves up to guidance from both our 3D companions and our higher sources.

Two paths, choose well

Keep ego separate from your inner knowing.

Work on realizing the differences between the two so you are not misled by ego.

Inner knowing will lead you further up in your spiritual spiral of progression.

Ego will lead you into more of the same merry-go-round, although not very merry.

Choose your inner knowing.

Distractions or hobbies are bad for spiritual growth, or maybe not.

Distractions are bad for my spiritual growth.

Maybe they aren’t.

Here is a good way to help you determine the fact.

If the distraction or hobby make you be more present then it can be beneficial. While you are engaged in the event does time disappear? Do other worldly problems dissolve in the background? Does it allow you to completely “be” in the moment?

If you answered yes to these then by all means continue them. They are tools to help you experience the richness in life.

Anything that allows you to be a human being instead of a human doing will advance you on your path.

Respect and nurture the inner child of others

Something came to me recently.  I didn’t realize it as I did it but it seems maybe I was discouraging my wife’s inner child from having fun.  I was supressing the very characteristic that made her so special to me.

I would often be told by my daughters how she would sing all the songs in the car when I wasn’t there.  How she would act crazy and funny at the theme park when I wasn’t there.  I suddenly realized all these amazing things were being done by her “when I wasn’t there”.  Don’t get me wrong we have lots of fun and enjoy our time together.  But clearly at some level over time I’ve shunted that inner child from expressing itself fully.

Now that it’s in my awareness I’m trying to nurture that part of her every chance I get.  I suppose it could have been at the point where we had children.  We could no longer be the children if we were to raise them well.  I am a different person now than I was then and now realize this task that is before me.  Give care and nurturing to that part of people in your life.  It’s very likely that’s what drew you to them.

I realized at an early enough stage to make this change and am doing so.  Be careful that you don’t do this to those loved ones in your life.  Remember “to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be like little children again”.  I believe this and by doing so that kingdom will occur right now on Earth, no need to wait until you pass over.

Expand Your Focus In Order To Grow

I want to offer some insight about the current energies and my/our path now. These energies are so high right now I can close my eyes and instantly feel them. I noticed lately that I had made my consciousness so focused on gaining knowledge that I wasn’t “being”. So I’ve consciously focused on being more with the family and letting my recreational interests spread out again. In my case this interest is getting my classic car back on the road.

I was so set on not focusing on material things that I forgot the pleasure and joy a few of those things can give you. By doing this I find I’m more grateful for everything and feeling the energies even more.

So what I’m proposing is that yes you need to narrow your field of view as you get on your path but after you are on it for a while you need to expand it back out in order to grow. I know this path is different for everyone but I wanted to share my perspective that by chance it would assist someone else.

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