Respect and nurture the inner child of others

Something came to me recently.  I didn’t realize it as I did it but it seems maybe I was discouraging my wife’s inner child from having fun.  I was supressing the very characteristic that made her so special to me.

I would often be told by my daughters how she would sing all the songs in the car when I wasn’t there.  How she would act crazy and funny at the theme park when I wasn’t there.  I suddenly realized all these amazing things were being done by her “when I wasn’t there”.  Don’t get me wrong we have lots of fun and enjoy our time together.  But clearly at some level over time I’ve shunted that inner child from expressing itself fully.

Now that it’s in my awareness I’m trying to nurture that part of her every chance I get.  I suppose it could have been at the point where we had children.  We could no longer be the children if we were to raise them well.  I am a different person now than I was then and now realize this task that is before me.  Give care and nurturing to that part of people in your life.  It’s very likely that’s what drew you to them.

I realized at an early enough stage to make this change and am doing so.  Be careful that you don’t do this to those loved ones in your life.  Remember “to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be like little children again”.  I believe this and by doing so that kingdom will occur right now on Earth, no need to wait until you pass over.

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  1. So love this Dennis! I find myself at the exact same point in my life and it does good to me to read this! thank you ❤

  2. right on, Dennis…thank you!♥

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