In your search for guidance, don’t be surprised where it comes from or that you may be wrong

Sometimes due to all the inner work we do, we feel we have a clear guidance on the proper path to solving a problem we are working through.

Not always.

One particular problem was a family one that we were working through.  My daughters and I thought we knew best and were adamant that my wife was wrong.  The turmoil this caused throughout the house was terrible.  I was sure I was correct.  I asked for guidance and got it.

But, the answer from the guidance was that I was wrong.  What?  I follow my guidance how could I have been wrong?  I don’t know.  I would typically say it was from ego but this time it just seems that I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture and opening up to the answer being given to me from my wife. 🙂

The path she suggested, we have taken and everything is wonderful related to it.  I felt like it would be good to point out this possibility that’s only seen when we open ourselves up to guidance from both our 3D companions and our higher sources.

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