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Send love to Heal

Let’s get to the bottom of this discussion.  Ok it’s my foot.  I had Athlete’s Foot fungus next to my little toe.  Stick with me here 🙂  Whenever I took a shower and washed my foot I hated seeing it there.  Some of you will know where this is going.  So I’d wash it, put medicine on it, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Still it was there and I hated it.

“Why do you always hate it?  Send it love”  What?  “Why do you always hate it?  Send it love” said that inner voice (that knows everything).  OOOOhhhhhhh, ok will do.  So I listened to the voice and as I washed it I sent it love and healing.  Well you might be able to guess that I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t work.  Yes it worked and seemingly faster than any medicine could.

So what I’ve learned and am suggesting is that when you have something “wrong” physically (or emotionally) with you.  Instead of sending it hate, send it love.  Feel free to expand the practice since I’m shown in small ways that it seems to work on everything.

Be like the little children.  Only a child would believe that would work and yet it has.  Be silly and try impossible things (I do), some of them just might work.

I hope you all try this and put it into practice.

Of course you have to believe it will work and I did.

New Direction (No not that boy band)

If you feel you are flailing about (is flailing a word?) not knowing which direction to go then I have a suggestion. Find an Author, Blogger, FaceBooker, Musician, Artist etc that you completely resonate (feel good about) with what they create.

Spend time evaluating what they are offering and when you exhausted that trail, find another and repeat. In this process if you feel guided to stop with that person do so and find another.

If you are guided another direction and it finally feels like you have a set direction then follow it.

This is what worked for me and it may or may not work for you but let’s stay positive and know it will if you need help getting some direction going for yourself.

I hope this helps some of you. 🙂

New Facebook Page

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