One More Supporting Send Love To Heal Story

Here’s another story about sending love to heal.  I have my second level Reiki attunement so I’m familiar about energy healing and this was a combination of Reiki and sending love and healing thoughts.

I had some kind of abdominal pain last week, it seemed like a bladder infection but no real signs of that other than the abdominal pain. It persisted for about 4 days with no improvement, I was even having a hard time walking without being hunched over slightly.

We had been planning to go hiking in the mountains last Saturday. So Friday as I went to bed I tried a major hands on healing session as I laid in bed before going to sleep. I completely believe this is possible hence why I was trying it.

When I woke up the next morning I was 90% better, miracle granted. I was very happy but not really surprised. I think that was the final piece to reassure me about the possibilities of energetic healing.

It’s a crazy world and fun to be here now 🙂  Oh and yes, we had a great time in the mountains.  The picture above is from the trip. 🙂:)

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to heal this way. Because I saw this I am reminded that, “Oh yea, I know how to do that too!” I’ll start again today!

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