Supporting Story About Send Love to Heal

This is a little funny and there’s no way to twist it around so it’s not without losing the real story.

So, I’m in my home office yesterday and our cat is in the chair next to me (like always) when I hear him hacking like he is going to dislodge a hairball.  My fully trained instincts kick in and I grab him and dash for the front door.  Imagine balancing him in one hand while I try to open the door with the other.  In my frenzy to get there fast I guess I was faster than I thought and I smash my right leg into the door frame with the gusto of a professional wrestler.  A loud smash was heard throughout the house and maybe the township.  I get outside and safely place him in the grass in time for him to expel the hairball.  I expel a big sigh of relief.

Then I remember, my knee.  This time instead of worrying, I started apologizing profusely for the accident to my knee.  I put my hands on it and started sending love and healing energy.  I pulled up my pant leg to look and it looked ok but was red and hot.  I only felt very minor pain in it and kept sending it love and healing energy as well as thoughts occasionally throughout the night.  It never hurt to walk on just a gentle reminder that it wasn’t happy but was going to cooperate with me to heal as well and pain-free as possible.

Today the next day, I’m continuing my healing plan and it is not red or bruised.  It is warm, but I’m sensing that that is required for the healing process.  There is no pain when I walk on it or move it.  No ice was used and no swelling occurred.

My hope is that you will all take these thoughts to heart and use them in your daily lives.  We know so little about our bodies really, but I hope that through sharings like these, we will all have better pain-free lives.  Your body is like a universe and you are the god of your universe.  It want’s to live it’s life to it’s fullest and assist you in any way it can.

You really can communicate with your body.  Treat it with respect and it will respect and help you in return.

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  1. Great that you did this! Most people just assume they can’t do anything. How wrong they are! Thanks for sharing this reminder. Oh and yeah, I can relate all too well with the running a marathon sprint to the nearest door, hairball cat in hand….Sigh….VK

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