Return of the Ancestors my 12/12/12 meditation


Return of the Ancestors during my 12/12/12 meditation

As I thought about where to go for my special 12/12/12 at 12:12pm meditation, I was drawn to the lake near where I grew up. I didn’t know why but that was where I would go. When I arrived, the lake was like glass, not a ripple to be seen. I stood by it’s edge and ate my lunch. The trees were still, the wind was still and the lake was still, almost like they were waiting for something. I didn’t think much of it and after I finished eating I sat on a bench and began my meditation.

It started pretty normal. My eyes closed seeing all sorts of activity but nothing specific. When I start to get to a meditative state, many times I’ll see a purple light pulse starting close then moving out in the distance until it disappears, then it repeats. It’s actually pretty wild to watch. But, today, that purple pulse each time it appeared it had multicolored lightning all around it and joining with it. Each new pulse did the same thing. Wow, that’s new I thought. I heard that now this energy pulse coming to our planet is joined by many other rays, that would create a sort of blended energy which we have not known before. If this was all, I would have said it was an amazing experience. But, there is more and it got better.

I started to thank the Sun and then I thanked the water and the trees and the birds and the fish for all they do for us. The wind kicked up a bit and I felt it on the back of my neck. Did you ever get the feeling you were far from alone? Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was nothing that frightened me, more like oh, I have a friend. I saw the vision of an indian chief and felt others, some on foot, some on horseback. I greeted him and asked why have you joined me. He told me that by thanking the Sun and the Earth and the animals I caught their attention and they joined me. They said no white man has ever connected to nature in that area in this way. I told them I wanted to apologize for any wrongs my people have caused them in the past and to please forgive them. He nodded and they left me. I considered my experience over and got in my truck and left.

As I was driving home more of this was coming to me, it wasn’t over yet. I felt the terrible sadness we caused them and tears poured from my face, even now as I write this. I said again please forgive us for our wrongs and then I heard, “This site is cleansed”. I asked them to continue to guide us in the old ways and join us to help cleanse Gaia of these wrongs also. On the radio I heard “when the stars align”. Then in my head from my higher self I heard “The galactic alignment” (December 21st 2012)

Mission accomplished.

I forgot to add this picture of the lake that day.  Notice the Green Orb over the surface of the lake in the center of this picture.  Click on the picture to zoom in.

2012-12-12 12.00.39 Green Orb above Lake

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  1. How exciting!! I wish I could meditate like that! Wonderful

  2. Absolutely Beautiful Dennis! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us 🙂

    ❤ AngelicView

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