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A Talk About Your Higherself And Your Ego

Higher Self Connection

You are always connected to your higherself, but in noticing it you gain more of a benefit.

Two voices in your head happen that sound like you are talking to yourself. One voice always is negative and talks you down. That is your ego. The other always is positive and gives you instant brilliant answers when you have questions. The trick is listening completely to that positive one’s guidance and laughing at the negative one.

In doing this two things will happen.

One, as you listen to your higherself your life will get better. You will hear more from your higherself as you show it you are interested in what it has to say. Don’t be surprised if you start getting energetic excitement from your higherself as you give it more attention. This is usually felt as a chill or energy rush that starts at the top of your head and runs through your body and out your feet. You will at one point get to a level where you can ask questions and instantly get answers that are amazing and at a level higher than you would expect from yourself. After some amount of time doing this you will have a calm wash over you that is your new normal level of calm. Many calmer levels will occur after this as you progress. One day you will be calm and peaceful like Eckhart Tolle and Mooji.

Two, as you laugh at your Ego and pay no attention to it’s negative comments something else profound will happen. It will want to play again. Let it know that it can only play if it will support you in all ways. I know this sounds crazy but I can assure you it will work if you stick with the plan. It wants a job. It wants to help you. How do you talk to it? Talk to it out loud when you are by yourself. Through this and many lifetimes it did what it did to keep you safe. Those days are now past and it needs to learn the new rules which you are teaching it by forcing it to play nice. Ego has an ego and if you embarass it by laughing when it is negative it will change it’s ways and only give you reassurance and assistence. Your higherself assists also with this process.

So there you have what has worked for me in my life. Will it work for you? I have no idea but what do you have to lose? The way those two parts of you are working now is not benefitting you. You do know at least one person who this has worked for so why not give it a try?

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