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Chasing the Rabbit

Chasing the Rabbit

There comes a point where you have to stop chasing the rabbit and share what you’ve learned. Do so with your own words and thoughts. Do it with whatever method feels the most inspiring to you. Express it in a blog or in poetry or music. There is a reason you suddenly can’t be inspired by others’ writings.

You have reestablished your core knowledge connection. Through this connection you see that the only words that feel right to you are within your own core self. This is why you have an insatiable urge to correct others or try to make them see your way that you found is the only way. It is not the only, but it is a way.

Share it all. Make your contribution to this awakening. That is why you are here. Keep reminding your ego of it’s true purpose. It is part of you to prop you up when you need an extra boost. Allow people to disagree and others to not resonate with what you share. Don’t feel hurt by those who make no comment. All need your words and they provide a different service to all who absorb them.

Quoting and posting others’ works assist others, but without showing your own thoughts, you are failing to share your greatest finding of all.



It’s easy to forgive others once you realize they were playing the part you created for them. Then you not only can forgive, you can also have gratitude that their love was so great for you that they went against their nature to assist you.

Nobody Gets Left Behind This Time


I have heard that echo through my consciousness many times and earlier I was told it refers to the fact that some progressed during the times of Atlantis and some were left behind. In fact no one was left behind, your higher selves realized there was still more to learn in this 3D schoolroom. And so you all planned to finish up on this trip what remained before you all moved up a level.  This is why at this time you are seeing the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

You are all here playing your parts and all consciousness will rise. Those who are “unawakened” are playing that part. Their higher self is learning from that experience. You all chose your parts and you are fulfilling them. This is why you are told to focus on yourself and the others will advance in their timing. What you weren’t told is the timing for you and them is the same. You are all fractions of your higher self. You may be playing the part of the lightworker and another fraction of you (your higher self) is playing the part of the “Bankster” or the dreaded “Cabal”, oh scary.

So you see their is no need to worry about other’s progress or whether or not “you saved someone from the cliff”. You all have your parts to play and you have played them well.

Do well, enjoy this experience all you can.  Worry not for the “unawakened” for when it’s time everything will change “in the twinkling on an eye”.

Goosebumps Are Just a Faint Reminder

goosebumps (1)

Goosebumps are just a faint reminder of the energy of source love we once felt. As we were changed during the fall, there was a specific change secretly made to leave that greatly toned down version as part of us. It was a subtle reminder of what source love felt like. A fully awakened Hu-man that has their energy pathways opened up feels that as source love rushing through them as the conduit of love energy we were expected to be. From that level, divine love is once again being shared and distributed through each of these awakened souls and sent forth to the populace. Gazing at beauty and listening to certain music or singing are other ways, but they deserve their own posts.

We were sent here to be caretakers and had a special relationship with Gaia. As Hu-mans with fully functioning energy pathways, Gaia will once again begin to bring back the magic that once existed here.

(Odd, I just has a duck show up on my doorstep to say hello)

Gooseflesh was also a term used.

Seasonal Allergies No More

Seasonal Allergies, I had them all my life.

Then suddenly as I began to follow my path they disappeared.  I originally thought they went away due to me raising my vibration.  For the past two years I accepted that as the reason and was grateful for it but for some reason I have still been wondering.

Today someone else asked what people thought about seasonal allergies so I decided to sit with the thought and see if anything came through from my higherself to explain what happened to cause them to go away.  As usual when I get information from my higherself the info was dropped to me as a complete package in seconds.  The amazing thing about these drops is it’s a complete explanation of what happened but it only took 2 seconds to be revealed to me.  Let me elaborate on what I was shown.

I had suffered my whole life with Spring and Fall allergies.  When I was in grammar school I routinely had to request that I could go to the restroom to splash water on my face to relieve me from some of the symptoms.  Many medications were tried during my lifetime with varying results but nothing seemed perfect.  One of the last medicines I took was Flonase.  While I took it I felt like it was building up an immunity to the allergies.  After a few sporadic week long uses of that medicine my allergy symptoms disappeared.  Incredible.

Today as I sat and waited for an answer relating to this I was shown that it was my belief that the drug was causing an immunity in me that actually truly did create that immunity.  The mind is a very powerful thing.

If you want to read more about the power of the mind for healing I’d suggest you read some of the material from Lissa Rankin, MD.

Here is a previous post I made about her.

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