Goosebumps Are Just a Faint Reminder

goosebumps (1)

Goosebumps are just a faint reminder of the energy of source love we once felt. As we were changed during the fall, there was a specific change secretly made to leave that greatly toned down version as part of us. It was a subtle reminder of what source love felt like. A fully awakened Hu-man that has their energy pathways opened up feels that as source love rushing through them as the conduit of love energy we were expected to be. From that level, divine love is once again being shared and distributed through each of these awakened souls and sent forth to the populace. Gazing at beauty and listening to certain music or singing are other ways, but they deserve their own posts.

We were sent here to be caretakers and had a special relationship with Gaia. As Hu-mans with fully functioning energy pathways, Gaia will once again begin to bring back the magic that once existed here.

(Odd, I just has a duck show up on my doorstep to say hello)

Gooseflesh was also a term used.

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  1. Interesting. I have been getting the chillers a lot lately. Thanks 🙂

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