Nobody Gets Left Behind This Time


I have heard that echo through my consciousness many times and earlier I was told it refers to the fact that some progressed during the times of Atlantis and some were left behind. In fact no one was left behind, your higher selves realized there was still more to learn in this 3D schoolroom. And so you all planned to finish up on this trip what remained before you all moved up a level.  This is why at this time you are seeing the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

You are all here playing your parts and all consciousness will rise. Those who are “unawakened” are playing that part. Their higher self is learning from that experience. You all chose your parts and you are fulfilling them. This is why you are told to focus on yourself and the others will advance in their timing. What you weren’t told is the timing for you and them is the same. You are all fractions of your higher self. You may be playing the part of the lightworker and another fraction of you (your higher self) is playing the part of the “Bankster” or the dreaded “Cabal”, oh scary.

So you see their is no need to worry about other’s progress or whether or not “you saved someone from the cliff”. You all have your parts to play and you have played them well.

Do well, enjoy this experience all you can.  Worry not for the “unawakened” for when it’s time everything will change “in the twinkling on an eye”.

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  1. Amen….Says it all. Thanks…VK

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