Chasing the Rabbit

Chasing the Rabbit

There comes a point where you have to stop chasing the rabbit and share what you’ve learned. Do so with your own words and thoughts. Do it with whatever method feels the most inspiring to you. Express it in a blog or in poetry or music. There is a reason you suddenly can’t be inspired by others’ writings.

You have reestablished your core knowledge connection. Through this connection you see that the only words that feel right to you are within your own core self. This is why you have an insatiable urge to correct others or try to make them see your way that you found is the only way. It is not the only, but it is a way.

Share it all. Make your contribution to this awakening. That is why you are here. Keep reminding your ego of it’s true purpose. It is part of you to prop you up when you need an extra boost. Allow people to disagree and others to not resonate with what you share. Don’t feel hurt by those who make no comment. All need your words and they provide a different service to all who absorb them.

Quoting and posting others’ works assist others, but without showing your own thoughts, you are failing to share your greatest finding of all.

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  1. ❤ Thank you for the confirmation of my thoughts – and the knowing that I am listening now to that stream of thought from my own Higher Self – Please help me to only listen to this inner voice, and ask that the other one now leaves, as it is no longer required unless it joins with the heart and my true self, to serve in positive love and respect for myself, and through this, share the insights with others who may be looking for more confirmation of their true voice within.
    I much appreciate and accept all the help, light and love, from you, to share with my brothers and sisters at this time, to calm, to heal, to love and to connect so that we can care and share and live in peace.

  2. silentwindofchange

    Welcome and thank you for your comment. Don’t let go of or banish the ego, it can be your number one fan as it was meant to be. Do a search on “ego” in this blog and see some tips how to turn that relationship around. I(t) was meant to be that one loud voice that cheered you on even in the lowest of times. It’s your secret weapon to get you through the muck 🙂

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