The Power of Beauty


Beauty in all its forms is divinely omnipotent.

The feeling we get while observing beauty is the closest “normal” people can get to feel the love of source.  This beauty stops time and brings you the closest to 5D than you have ever been.  Well, most of you have ever been.

This feeling is so powerful, it sometimes initiates actions in an individual that is at times completely catastrophic to their current way of life.  People forget all their moral values to pursue it, either in material form through purchases or creating a relationship with an individual that exudes it.  Men and women have left their families in an instant, with no thought, to try to spend time with other people they “feel” exhibits this beauty.  They think the person has some amazing ability to make them feel like this.  Sadly, without realizing, they only want to get back to that feeling of source love.

Doesn’t this put a different slant on all those cheating lovers and spouses?  Dare I say they aren’t completely at fault?  Ok 🙂

Who would tell the world of this truth?  Well, I just did 🙂  So can you.  Think about it.  Feel into it, elaborate on it, realize the truth of it, and give it legs. 🙂

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  1. silentwindofchange

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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