“I Always Wanted to (fill in your dream)”

rollerblade hero

If you are holding back from doing something you always wanted to do because you don’t think you can do it, now is the best time to make it happen. Even though you may see no clear path of it working, it will work if you only believe it will. The true reason for some not wanting us to know we are all connected would stagger you and the world if it was known.

Here is the reason. We are all connected to the universal consciousness. Within it are all the thoughts and skills of everyone who has ever existed or will exist (wrap your head around that one).

Be persistent at the endeavor. Passion for it is your key. Don’t even be concerned that you see no clear path to your success. It will all come to you during the process of your learning and doing of the task. You can be great at anything of your choosing because we are all tapped into this universal consciousness. People that can’t seem to accomplish their goal are only doing so because they don’t think they can. Society always props up those who appear to be heroes so you all feel small. You are all heroes and brilliant, you could be nothing else.

So, have you always wanted to play an instrument, or write poetry, or sing, or fly a plane, or write a book, or make the best ice cream ever made? Do it. Only you can stand in your way, we all have the tools to succeed.

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  1. Good one SW….How right you are. So many don’t realize the power of universal consciousness or the great cosmic light bulb of ah ha moments. Passion and a will to achieve is key to succeeding. Thanks for sharing this… VK

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