When The Universe Taps Your Shoulder To Do The Impossible, Just Say, YES!


Sometimes impossible things are required to be done.  You may find that you are tasked to do them.  You don’t know why or how you will do them, only that it requires you for it’s completion.  It could be an area that you have no expertise, but still, the issue is stressed that only you can do it.

So what do you do in this situation?  If you don’t do it who will?  Well, someone will, but it will pale greatly in comparison to the results if you had persevered and trusted in yourself and your guidance and knowing that every particle in the universe would conspire for your success.  Is this a time to feel small?  No way, this is a time to feel amazing beyond any feeling you ever felt before.  Go!  No delay, this moment will never come again.  No one sees it’s completion as clearly and perfectly as you do.

The younger you may have denied having the ability, actually in the body you stand in at that moment, it’s true you can’t succeed.  But that is only that moment and instant in time.  The very second you know you can do it is when you will have the ability to do just that.

Ask me to build an Ark?  Sure!  I’d be glad to do my part.  Am I a master builder who has these skills?  No, not at all.  But when I’m finished, I’ll stand before you as one of the finest craftsmen that ever breathed air on this amazing world we live on.

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