Lighthouses, Stand and Take Your Places

Lighthouse 23

Although I try to avoid choosing or giving labels, this is an important one.  Be proud of it if you are one.  Don’t believe everything you read, there is nothing wrong with pride as long as it’s not ego based.  It’s sometimes a lonely role but soo important for this world.

If you are one you very likely have always felt some inner sensation when you look at them far off in the distance.  No one even thinks about them in general unless they are in desperate times and are counting the minutes to their inescapable demise.  This goes for the building type as well as the person who was built for this role.  Here are some of the traits they generally have.  You may or may not have them all, but if you have many you still likely are one:

You have an inner voice that you are WELL aware of that assists you in every way (your higherself).

You don’t have an obvious higher dimensional “team” who communicate with you.

Although you follow or read channeled message you don’t hang on their every word.

You can immediately sense lies and deceptive people.

You say what everyone else is thinking, you can’t help it, that’s who you are.

You have an analytical mind and love science.

You are a seeker who loves adventure.

You are here to cut through the fog and deception.  You have an incredible inner light that blinds those wishing to fool others.  Realize that there are good and evil on both sides of every system.  Shine your inner light and allow the truth to surface.  Don’t try to make others follow you, just show them the truth that many times only you can see.  You are serving a special purpose and are also likely a planetary light server, spreading your energy over great expanses of the Earth.

I promise that once everything clicks in your head your world will turn amazing.  Always be true to yourself and have undying faith in your own inner knowing.  Your higherself, your own lighthouse, will guide you on your path.

Please, if you are this kind of person and do not have a blog yet, create one.  Help stop all the deception and show your light to the world.

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  1. Your writings truly resonate with me. Especially the piece above. I chose to go back in time through your older posts because of this. At times, I become confused with some of the channeled messages as well, as some are quite contradictory. This, in turn can make one question spirit (due to the voice of the channeler) at times and this troubles me. I am assuming you have encountered this as well? Also, in reference to your current post, “Get Used to Your New Skin”, I had replied in regards to my body feeling stiff. Prior to my reply, I had not recollected that part of the post. Strange how this happens. : ) This is something I realized when I was going through my replies recently.

    Also, since then, I have had pain in strange places in my back, right hip and some irritating pain in my left foot. This is the same foot that I had a strange heat sensation for a few weeks about a year ago. It was right in the middle of the arch on the bottom of my foot and it felt circular (the best way I can describe it) and the odd thing is, I could not tell if the heat was entering or exiting my foot. It wasn’t troublesome, but at times would become irritating if it went on for long periods of time. After this subsided is when I started to feel the intense shower like sensation in my crown area. I was unable to tell (at times) if it was entering or exiting this area. There were times it was so intense, it would stop me dead in my tracks . . . especially at the beginning. This still occurs, just less frequently than a year ago.

    I have not shared this information with anyone, as I’m sure you can understand why. : ) I am one to question sharing it with you, as you have written about some of these things and one might question the validity of my descriptions, as they resonate so closely with your writings. Just me. : )

    I have breathed a few sighs of relief from reading your posts. I have found them to be comforting and reassuring.

    Thank you.


    • silentwindofchange

      Thank you for sharing so much of your experience. I’m not sure what to add, I agree with all that you said and deal with the same things. The least attention you pay to those little pains the better and quicker they will dissipate. Also talking to your body to see if it can help you equalize the energy in that area helps also.

      I’m happy to assist you in any way I can. If I don’t know or haven’t been given an answer related to your question I will say so.

      Keep reading, we are getting there. I literally don’t know when I’ll post the next message. It sort of just “pops” in my head as I’m doing other things. I’ve never channeled any being but my higherself and even that just seems a part of me now. It never feels like I’m talking to someone else, it’s more like I’m just remembering what I know.

    • silentwindofchange

      I’m not sure how far back you went, but this post is an amazing story about communication with your body to get healing assistance.

  2. first time ever commenting on anything like this before, I am deeply touched by this, first time my energy responded fully heartedly to something in this nature before, ive seen, heard, and read a lot of things many post of say. being able to see and feel light in what some may say. though ive always attuned myself to listen with my heart, feeling the subtle changes in vibrations and energies behind words. i could glance at many things something and know its deepest energies/intentions. my signs early of where evident that i felt more and experienced more than what seemed. i look back to reflect and wonder how did i miss signs so obvious. i wont go into past lives and all of those things, because for me all other interconnecting selves are happening in every moment; so nothing is past or future it just depends on your reference point. still, i have awareness in feeling of all of my selves which extend to all beings. i know what i am here to do, even if my body is unable to register it in words, the funny thing about why we are here right now is that. we (any being how has a similar soul expression to mine) are here to be who…we…are. to stay in being…and resonate and harmonize pure peaceful loving with all who wish to. meaning coming here with no obligation. to just be what we are. we go beyond any planet, galactic or universal identification. because we know inside that all we are always home, that form of separation fades away. still for those who are still wary in step it seems like we are alone and vastly separated. every time i felt lonely here i would rise my energy high and cast a giant light towards the sky; as far as i could imagine it going into space, to help bring comfort to anyone who felt as i did when i was a kid, and let others know i am here with you. “now” i open myself and let out energy from my expanded version of myself and flood this perceived space with warmth and comfort. there are so many words we’ve been saying but they have always been hard for people to hear because they were never words but simple radiant energies of compassion. i thank you.. for your time to give the voiceless a moment of peaceful bliss…because we do not speak.. we feel

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