The Cocoon Is Opening

Butterfly Human

I’ve been debating whether or not to post this, but if I don’t post it you will not know of the possibilities occurring.  I can only post my experience here, there isn’t much to research regarding it.

I’m trying to get an expanded idea of the characteristics So I’m not sure what term would apply to it yet.

I normally have energy pour into me from my crown chakra and it washes through me from my head to my feet. This used to happen multiple times a day. What I feel when this happens is like a full body energetic bliss running from my head through my whole body and out my feet. It is a few seconds in duration. There is nothing painful about it. It’s literally like a firehose of energy shooting through your whole body from top to bottom.  It generally would occur as confirmation to new knowing or appreciation of music, art or scenery.  Generally whatever makes your soul joyful.

For the past two weeks I’ve had a sharp pain in my wing area of my back.  On Tuesday the 27th, I noticed a change in the energy. What changed is that same energy no longer comes from above. Now it comes from inside me at about 5 different points.  My head, high heart, solar plexus, hip area and feet. These seem like chakra points and they fire off at different times. They go off like a pulse that radiates out and it feels like the same energy that used to rush through me.  Simply by placing your attention on the energy with gratitude the flow can be instantly initiated at will.  I’m still working on learning why the energy is felt from different places now instead of one general pulse through me.

Please feel free to add in the comments if you know what term applies.  I’m leaning towards Soul Integration or Full Kundalini Awakening or Ascension through the incension of the Higher Self.

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  1. Interesting!

    I have become so much accepting of everyone’s experiences…

    No one way!


  2. There’s probably no need to project your ideas or other people’s experiences to explain your own personal phenomena. If this is truly your own awakening or ascension process, just observing the whole “birthing” process is enough. That is simply the truth, you will understand completely. Just trust within completely, enjoy the journey. 😀

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    Hmmm, perhaps “somebody” is trying to show us something? Reality transcends bliss.

  4. Your descriptions here very much reflects my own inner energetic experiences. I have learned from this internal communication/or flow – which has grown in its expression since around 2007. I have come to see I never feel this flow except in moments of beauty- joy – spirit – communion – truth… I appreciate your putting your experience into words – nice to know others experience in similar ways 🙂

  5. Intergration of higher dimensional realms that just have opened on the merkaba alignment, you are where I am, as there are what I call the alphas of ascenion. We can now access these etheric realms at anytime with any chakra, in short, we’re connected.

  6. The body is an instrument configured to match the conditions we exist in, as our physical and energetic environment change we fine tune it. We are still in the cocoon stage.

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