Respect, Tenderness and Generosity (Love) – Lost but not forgotten and time to be taught again.


These three things are very basic components of a thriving community. Everything in that group of people flows effortlessly when these are practiced. We learned from our parents and grandparents and ancestors how important these are. So you see that’s why society is so perfect today.

“Did you just say, Wait, What was that? Society is far from perfect today!”

I completely agree and just was checking if you were paying attention. So if these are so obvious and clearly they have a well proven track record as being the basic components for a happy and peaceful society, why have they been lost?

This should be so easy. The parents teach it to the children through their actions and discussions with them. Great that should work fine. If we look back at the Native American Indians and all the way up to 1950 (in 80% of the families) only one parent left the home for work. That left one parent at home to instill these basic traits in their children. When both parents started working, we had to rely on someone else to teach these to our kids.

Instead of instilling these simple values, the public school system began the slow changeover to creating worker bees.  Don’t think, just go to work everyday.  Hate your job.  Come home (maybe), drink alcohol and fight with the family.  Repeat everyday until you die.  There, that’s a good citizen.

There was still a way this could have worked correctly.  Grandparents could have stepped up to fill that parent void.  Some did, I’m grateful for what my grandmother taught me.  But so many started to die off early from various illnesses.  We need to instill these traits and values again.  For now the only way is by living the part.  Show these traits in your daily life and share their benefits to all who will listen.  It has to start somewhere and you are the perfect group to get it started.

One last thing.  Older adults are very valuable to communities.  Please try to consider them as Elders and not Senior Citizens.  Elders are wise and carry very valuable lessons to share.  Give them the respect they deserve.


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