“Hey! Where’s My Team?”

Angel Team

So many people today are talking about getting assistance from their higher dimensional “team”.

Did you ever wonder why the heck you don’t have a team?  Sure, lots of people have. Let me explain it as I know it to be.

The time comes when your higherself decides it’s time to wake you from your amnesia.  Allow me to use the term “He” for ease of use in this explanation.

He starts giving you nudges and briefly communicates with you.  You realize it and begin conversations.   He explains how much power you have.  If you understand, the training continues and you keep progressing.  Great and congrats!

But if you doubt your abilities and whether you are being told the truth, reinforcements are called in.  You may next have a relative that has passed over start speaking to you.  They say pretty much the same thing.  You still doubt it’s the truth.  One after the other, assistance is called in: Angel, Archangel,  Leprechaun, Unicorn,  ET relatives, Bruce Lee,  Yeshua, St Germain and before you know it this person has a “team”.

Your higherself will do whatever it takes,  but I assure you, you are so strong and amazing that you are more powerful than the whole team.  So give your higherself a break and trust that he knows what he’s talking about.

If you insist on a team, just keep looking for confirmation, and doubt you are worthy.

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  1. My thoughts exactly! Thanks Dennis 🙂

    • silentwindofchange

      I’m picturing higherself with different masks and a handful of different voices based on who they want to speak to at that time.

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