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No, not like in the Avatar movie, better. Earlier we spoke of Christ Consciousness spreading on the planet. You were all sent with the ability to be an Avatar and it’s your choice of whether it is allowed to develop or not. Here’s more on the process.

There is a period of time where you will experience the energy flowing from above and into your crown chakra. This will typically be a few years. You will feel this and it will be incredible. It will not be constant because I promise you wouldn’t do anything besides just bath in it 24/7. It feels like you are bathing in liquid love.  Generally it is felt when you have delighted your soul by seeing, hearing, feeling beauty in all it’s forms. When this energy flushes through you it is cleansing out your physical body and chakras.

After that unknown period of time the energy descends into you.  That is your higher self or soul.  It’s energy is immense and limitless.  After this point you no longer feel the energy coming in through your crown.  When this happens there is also a period for that new mixing to stabilize. You are now an Avatar although on training wheels until your physical can deal with the juice being turned up.  As you continue to work on yourself the energy will get turned up notch by notch as much as you can physically handle.

Some of the things that will happen are the following.

Increased Brain Use:
You know how you only use a small part of your brain? Well that’s about to change.  Everyone of us has the ability to access everything known by everyone in times past and future. Let’s just say you know everything and leave “time” out of it.  What you have not had is a way to access it. Since you began your awakening your pathways in your brain have been setting up some roadways in preparation for the moment they are opened up by the direction of your higher self. You won’t be allowed to access them until your consciousness is at a state to use it only in service to the all. As you begin to reach that point the paths will be opened to see how you use it and then turned off again. This time period seems to be a day or less. For that time period every question you come upon you know the answer instantly.  Ideas for inventions will hit you and they will seem like such an obvious thing and easily developed. But within hours that will get turned off. Don’t be discouraged it will continue to happen for longer and longer durations as you prove you are ready for it. Technology doesn’t develop consciousness, consciousness develops technology. Without the proper level of consciousness higher technology will not be flowed down to the inventor.

Astral Travel at will:
If you haven’t felt or experienced this yet, another thing will be instant astral travel just by closing your eyes. No special process, no spinning around three times and bowing in any direction. Close your eyes and think of where you want to go and poof you are there. You haven’t actually left your body so don’t fall for the line that your body will be possessed while you are gone. You will be safe.

Higher Dimensional Sight:
You will likely also start seeing beyond 3D and likely have for a little bit by now (or perhaps your whole life already). Who knew so much more was around us than we could see?

Internal Energy Skyrockets:
The energy you feel inside when you concentrate on it will be many times higher than you ever felt before. Your body will feel like it’s shaking as you focus and fire up your new engines. It’s actually a bit startling but fun.

Telepathy will start to kick in for you. In truth it’s been there but it will become more obvious to you and enough so that you will work to develop it more.

Manifestation will occur and be guided by you without concentrating on it.  Everything you need will flow to you in order to assist the completion of your development.  Don’t expect to suddenly win the lottery but that is one possibility.

None of this should worry you. Anyone who lives “guided by the ego” will never get to this place.  Certainly anyone reposting this while mocking it are not at a point to attain it.   Everything is controlled by frequency gates. No lightworker can pretend to be a high enough vibration and get here. Shortly the frequency gates will become more obvious.  You will start to see that when you ask those that you have trusted to give you “all” the answers because of their highly advanced state of being, they will be caught short of having an explanation. This will serve to assist getting them pointing in the right direction again and their higher self will be thrilled.  Understand none of you need a “guru” to get you to this place.  You have all the answers and guidance within you.  No special crystal, CDs, apprenticeships, certifications, ET light chamber, et cetera are required before you can travel the path to Christ Consciousness.

What a wild ride this post has been.  I promise, although the picture seems to not necessarily fit with this content, I was assured that it does.  As I kept trying to find another picture I was constantly energetically redirected.  I didn’t get here by not following my guidance, so I surrendered and the picture above was selected.

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    ♥♥♥♥♥ thank you for this beautiful message. Such a validation and so relevant to what I am experiencing. Namaste’

  2. The picture makes perfect sense if you know what’s coming. 🙂 Thank you for the confirmation!

    • silentwindofchange

      It fits perfect to me, but I hesitate to use a picture that may cause readers to not think it’s sincere just because of the picture. Too much second guessing all the time, that’s why surrender to the higher proddings is the only way 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Nice to ‘see’ others joining the Avatar Club, lol. Onwards and upwards . . . . 😉

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    Hmmm, as long as I don’t have to wear a spandex body suit!

  5. That is what I have been experiencing now for over a decade except for the energies of late have become really ratcheted upwards…namaste!!

  6. Such an wonderful article, affirmation of my beloved I AM that I AM YOU ~ YOU are ME~ WE ARE ALL ONE~ ONE HUGE BALL OF DIVINE LIGHT~ = That’s makes the ALL THAT IS… & so it is… In Divine Diamond LIGHT! & In HEART~ Namaste ~ I AM Ashtar Sheran – AVATAR 🙂 I Liked your article so much that I posted it at my website with a link back to this page at:

  7. Thank you. The photo IS perfect.

    • silentwindofchange

      Thanks Lisa a lot of internal discussion ensued regarding that choice 🙂 It was a funny moment really 🙂

  8. silentwindofchange

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    It’s time for this one as well.

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