Frequency Gates – What The Heck Are They?

frequency gates

Frequency Gates exist in all levels of creation.  They are everywhere.  They are the infallible separation point of knowledge from one level of reality to the next higher one.

This happens for planets as well as individuals.  As a planet or person passes through one of these gates, reality changes based on the level the being (planets are beings also) has moved into.

Frequency Gates stop people from getting info they shouldn’t based on their personal vibration.  This type of person instead of using it for the greater good they would only use it for their gain and therefore they are prohibited from gaining this knowledge even though it’s right in front of their face.

Did you ever notice how you read a book and it doesn’t interest you, but you come back months later and it all makes sense to you.  Or another time you’ll read it again but learn something new even though you already read it.  Many sacred and ancient texts are written like this.  Realize the writer had no clue they were simply a conduit of the divine thought.  In their case, timely knowledge is passed on to you regardless of the time period you are reading it in.

Songs are like this also.  You can listen to a song for years and you just enjoy the melody.  But you can come back years later and all of a sudden their is a special meaning and message to it, but you never sensed it before no matter how many times you listened to it.  Led Zeppelin songs are like this.  Art is like this also.

Q: Ever read a GaiaPortal post and feel clueless or understand it perfectly?

A: If it is crystal clear you are a match to the info and if not, perhaps reading it in a few weeks may help.

Q: Ever read a channeled message and they speak of it being encoded with information?

A: Each person understands what is appropriate to their frequency level.

This is an intriguing topic but not one I need to ramble on about.  I just wanted to put this out there for you to contemplate and observe this wonder in action.

They can be as difficult to understand as a Quantum Knowledge Gateway or as simple as considering the analogy of a credit card.  One person can look at the credit cards and just see the handful of information printed on it.  But for the person with the right equipment (frequency level in this case) they can read all of the transactions that have transpired related to that credit card.

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  1. Thank you for enlightening me on this.
    I got the message when I read the Secret Doctrine (Blavatsky) at the age of 17, though not in the sense of improper use of info we are not ready to receive. Rather, too much info on a higher frequency would cause confusion, loss of focus, loss of grounding, as I see many old souls with deficiencies in their lower chakras.
    I’d like to add the counter-feature of these portals. As we pass, we will level the intake of “info” (more precisely: energy generating data to be interpreted by ourselves). Energy/Info that does not interest us anymore, will not reach us that easily. Our frequency helps us focusing on what suits us.

    For example, last Saturday, the last day of the summer (before the equinox) it was a fine day to go into the city park. 20 years ago, I would have gone out with friends, drinking a lot of beer, having fun, talking about anything that came onto our minds, especially women, cars, other parties and again women.
    This year, I came into the park on a peace festival, having a card reading by the Brahma Kumaris, and I met a new friend whom I had seen just twice before during a workshop. We talked for more than 4 hours, our minds challenging and comforting in turn, as if we just learned to play once more since our forgotten childhood.

    Frequency portals assist our awakening, and vice versa: after the awakening we are more open to step through. It is not the info that is kept from us, it is us who are guided and protected by the Divine, leading us back Home.

  2. Yes I can fully understand and resonate with your perspective. Thank you. X

  3. This was so Positive and sweet to read … and the article’s statement of “Each person understands what is appropriate to their frequency level.” reminds me of “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:” … and like the article said, Frequency Gates stop people from getting info they shouldn’t based on their personal vibration .. if the personal vibration bears a certain level of electron-negativity .. the frequency gate halts the information flow … as for me the same scriptures I read years ago … now have a different word meaning … I consider the knowledge of fall of man was also the fall from a Positive state of consciousness into levels of an electron-negative state of consciousness .. yet as we commit to ways of the Positive Light, and the more we separate ourselves from the cares of THIS world, and the more good and Loving ways our character becomes … the higher in frequency our conscious level will accelerate in frequency … as this is the process of self-adjusting to compatible atmospheric frequency in worlds of Positive Light star colonies …

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