The Multidimensional Minds Are Coming Online


Limitless in the true sense of the word. Your brain is without limits. It doesn’t quite work the way that it’s thought to work.

It really has two main functions:

1.) The first and most important is as an autopilot for your physical body.

2.) The second is as an interface with your mind. You mind is not in your physical body. Your mind is within your energy body which is all around your physical body. Yes it’s true that only a small part of your brain is used because it’s just an interface, it’s just a translating computer. We really perform quite well with this situation. This is why some people with so small of a brain that has been damaged by some illness, still are able to go to college and function in life.

But, the real reason for this post is to give a short update on what is happening with our brains. There is a two-fold process happening.

1.) You have been developing new pathways, using more of your brain. This has been an ongoing process. New pathways don’t just pop in there, well sometimes they do but mostly not. You are getting ready for when your multidimensional brain comes online. The switches are being tested. They are getting turned on for a few hours, then getting switched off. Everyone is at a different step in this process. Some just get a hint and others it’s like a firehose of knowledge pouring into your head.

2.) The second part of the process is learning how to make this connection. As is true for most of the things on this path, only surrender and flow allows it to happen in the most efficient manner. So don’t let it worry you and don’t overthink the process. It will come to you in your own perfect timing. Your Multidimensional Mind is really not “yours”, it’s everyone’s. Everyone’s in every galaxy. It is all the knowledge known and ever to be known. Like was explained previously, you can only access that which your frequency allows you to access. Frequency gates only allow what is appropriate for you.

What you will start seeing, and I know this from my own experiences, is totally new amazing answers to age old questions and inventions that will literally make your jaws drop when they start coming out.

I notice that this new process just quietly sits there waiting for you to use it. It won’t tap you on the shoulder, most times, and say let’s design something. But if you find someplace quiet, get a laptop or paper and pencil, start making notes of different ideas you have. Write down the deatails that come to your mind. Don’t question any of it just let it flow and try to keep it all organized. When nothing else comes to you, save it and walk away and don’t think of it again. Another day, maybe the next day, maybe two weeks later, you’ll get the nudge to sit down with it again. It will all piece together over time. Nothing in our new experiences will be rushed, no pressure to produce the invention will hurry it. Your multidimensional mind will assist you in completing the project or invention at exactly the right time. Have fun with it, you have all literally waited eons to get this back. Yes, you’ve all had this ability before. It’s truly here now. One more piece of the puzzle is getting put into place. The finished puzzle will be something of unimaginable beauty. Thank you all for being here, we are once again together finishing the work we started so long ago.

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  1. Testing….1…2…3….4….Yep it works! We are in the swing of things now and loving it! Thanks SW…Good one…VK

  2. I know EXACTLY what you are referring to, I’ve had the huge plugin and the amount of information you have access to is not something I ever imagined could be possible previously. It feels like powering up an old space ship or quantum computer that’s been in sleep mode for eons. Once I first sampled that, I thought I wasn’t going to lose it – felt “done” when it first hit… but it faded 😦 It’s happened to me another three times so far and each time I have been amazed at how much more information there is that time. It triggered a bit of impatience in me, lol! I’m having to learn patience in this process… just so excited to be able to bring such an incredible development into this world, I know that I am here to push the capabilities of the human brain and re-learn the abilities I have already learnt elsewhere… I’m looking forward to discovering it.

    • silentwindofchange

      That’s pretty much it Jon. I think it’s also a test to see how you’ll use it so choose well enlightened one 🙂

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