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HeartStar Adds Info About These Beacons

HUman Star

At times, the intensity of these beings’ energies may feel uncomfortable to others and even to themselves. Initially, many are drawn to the bright lights but it requires great strength to keep these lights burning. Usually, it will feel incredible to be a star but it may also feel draining to be the bearer of such light (especially during times that can seem quite dark). If you are a star, you will know it. If you are around a star, you will know it. If the light flickers at times or the intensity seems too bright…hang in there. We are all evolving.

The Lighthouses Are Being Lit

beacon 2 Cropped

Nothing like drinking a cup of coffee in a public place and hearing “The Lighthouses are being lit!”.  Quietly you look around for a second to see where that came from.  No one else seems to be reacting so it must be time for another post. 🙂

This video clip should give you a feeling of the excitement.

One by one they are being given their power. Let me explain this a bit. There are some that came as beacons. They knew that would be their task. (Even if you decided to be a lighthouse during this lifetime, source worked it’s magic and made it happen) Their skill sets were crafted to assist those lost in the storm of life, and more times than not, shake and awake many from their slumber. It was intended that they would anchor and shine the light, but they went overboard.  Generally they are overachievers at their core.  They developed their skills much quicker than expected, even for them.  These people are now being lit up and source changed how that is happening as a surprise for them.

It was planned that as the energies come from the Sun, these people would condition the energy in their special way and radiate it out from themselves over many miles.  But this is the part that was a gift from source.  Since this was such an important mission, and they have worked diligently, instead of just filtering and radiating the energies, they are actually now mini stars.  They are literally bursting with energy.  This energy is emanating from them now. They are the source of it. They walk as living stars on the earth. Darkness incinerates when near them.  No entities can tamper with them now.  This has never happened anywhere before.

Would you recognize them in public?  You may feel their presence, but generally they will have a look of amazing inner peace.

It’s not fully known what abilities will develop as a result of this but it sure is getting interesting.

Let No Moment Of Inspiration Pass You By

Digital Recorder

Inspiration seldom hits when you are expecting it.  For me it typically happens while driving.  I’m suspecting as the lower self is concentrating on the driving, higher self gets to drop some wisdom on us. 🙂  Prepare for the battle properly.  Always carry a small digital recorder with you.  Familiarize yourself with the controls.  Let no further inner stirrings pass you by without a means to capture them for further perusal at an appropriate time.

Any brand and model will do.  This is the one that works well for me.

“Hey! Where’s My Team?”

Angel Team

So many people today are talking about getting assistance from their higher dimensional “team”.

Did you ever wonder why the heck you don’t have a team?  Sure, lots of people have. Let me explain it as I know it to be.

The time comes when your higherself decides it’s time to wake you from your amnesia.  Allow me to use the term “He” for ease of use in this explanation.

He starts giving you nudges and briefly communicates with you.  You realize it and begin conversations.   He explains how much power you have.  If you understand, the training continues and you keep progressing.  Great and congrats!

But if you doubt your abilities and whether you are being told the truth, reinforcements are called in.  You may next have a relative that has passed over start speaking to you.  They say pretty much the same thing.  You still doubt it’s the truth.  One after the other, assistance is called in: Angel, Archangel,  Leprechaun, Unicorn,  ET relatives, Bruce Lee,  Yeshua, St Germain and before you know it this person has a “team”.

Your higherself will do whatever it takes,  but I assure you, you are so strong and amazing that you are more powerful than the whole team.  So give your higherself a break and trust that he knows what he’s talking about.

If you insist on a team, just keep looking for confirmation, and doubt you are worthy.

Kicking Embers

Embers Sparking

I’m only here to kick the embers.

It’s up to you to fan them into a flame.

~ SilentWind

Respect, Tenderness and Generosity (Love) – Lost but not forgotten and time to be taught again.


These three things are very basic components of a thriving community. Everything in that group of people flows effortlessly when these are practiced. We learned from our parents and grandparents and ancestors how important these are. So you see that’s why society is so perfect today.

“Did you just say, Wait, What was that? Society is far from perfect today!”

I completely agree and just was checking if you were paying attention. So if these are so obvious and clearly they have a well proven track record as being the basic components for a happy and peaceful society, why have they been lost?

This should be so easy. The parents teach it to the children through their actions and discussions with them. Great that should work fine. If we look back at the Native American Indians and all the way up to 1950 (in 80% of the families) only one parent left the home for work. That left one parent at home to instill these basic traits in their children. When both parents started working, we had to rely on someone else to teach these to our kids.

Instead of instilling these simple values, the public school system began the slow changeover to creating worker bees.  Don’t think, just go to work everyday.  Hate your job.  Come home (maybe), drink alcohol and fight with the family.  Repeat everyday until you die.  There, that’s a good citizen.

There was still a way this could have worked correctly.  Grandparents could have stepped up to fill that parent void.  Some did, I’m grateful for what my grandmother taught me.  But so many started to die off early from various illnesses.  We need to instill these traits and values again.  For now the only way is by living the part.  Show these traits in your daily life and share their benefits to all who will listen.  It has to start somewhere and you are the perfect group to get it started.

One last thing.  Older adults are very valuable to communities.  Please try to consider them as Elders and not Senior Citizens.  Elders are wise and carry very valuable lessons to share.  Give them the respect they deserve.

Crystals Have Done An Amazing Job, But Now…

crystals space

They have done a wonderful job of keeping the core frequency of the planet at a minimum allowed level. As the vibration of man dwindled the crystals held the vibration of the planet at their level. Without their help it would have been far worse and possibly uninhabitable.

In times past and even now they are helpful as a frequency holder and booster.  Their use in electronics is so far reaching, man’s technology jump would not have been possible without them.

Consider them for your use as a sort of training wheel like on your bike as you learn to ride it. They can help you to begin raising your vibration and get you going in the right direction. But now, at this time on the planet, there is something very important that you need to be aware of related to crystals and their interaction with you. HUmans that have worked on boosting their vibration for a year or two have already surpassed that of the crystal kingdom. It is as it was expected to be. They have helped you and done an amazing job, but it’s time to realize you no longer need the training wheels. We are forever in gratitude for what they have done but you need to move on.

Certainly appreciate them for their beauty but keep working on other ways to continue the rise of your vibration. Many will find that individuals with like mind are what you seek to continue on your way. As they say you are made of stars and you have the capability to vibrate as the stars themselves and that is a very high degree indeed.

Dimensional Phasing Has Begun

fifth dimension

Are you surprising anyone as of late?  Do you seem to be sneaking up on people with the skills of a great ninja?  Do you walk among crowds and go unnoticed until you wish to be?

The separation has begun, and although you are in the world with others you are starting to be a mere shadow passing by.  The vibrational frequencies are becoming great enough to allow you to be unnoticed as you travel about.  Each person you pass will either see you or not, based on their level of personal vibration.

Those who are still weighed down by fear caused by tv programming will be the first to not notice you.  Among them will even be some that consider themselves lightworkers.  Lightworker label or not, the weight of constant fear is a great burden on people’s vibrational level.

Release your fears and fill in the holes with love for self.  It is only in this way that you will continue on your path up the vibrational spiral towards your new Earth reality.  You’re not leaving Earth but it will be “different”.

One last thing.  If this is true for you at this time, you should also expect to start seeing glimpses of orbs passing you going about their travels.  Say hello as they go by.

The Brides Veil – The Veiled Meaning To The Tradition

brides Veil 2

The Brides Veil comes from the knowing that when the veil is removed we will see everyone’s true beauty.

Walking down the aisle symbolizes being led through life by others

The joining in marriage is the joining of your complementary opposite. Joining the dark and light (male and female) of a person for the perfect unified being.

The veil is removed (crown chakra opened) to reveal their true beauty, unseen prior to this process.

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