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Repost – People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime

Season 2

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Your soul is very good about assisting you behind the scenes so you get optimal learning out of your lessons in life. Thankfully it knows when you need someone else in your life to assist you.

Then seemingly out of nowhere someone steps in and it is like a minor miracle because actually that’s exactly what has happened. Your soul wept and the universe answered. It cried out for help and help was sent. The other person has no clue initially why it was called, only that it was and it’s path is to serve.

This person could be there for friendship, love, nurturing, wisdom or as a wayshower. Since they are in touch with their soul they follow it’s little suggestions and give you exactly the help you need. In a world that seems so confused and dreadful, this part of it is perfection. Only those who ask for help are given it and your soul knows how to ask. Sometimes it’s only at that darkest hour that the cry goes out because that is the signal you’ve met the endpoint in which you can help yourself. Sometimes that point calls for another physical person or it could be a guide who helps you behind the scenes almost transparently with slight nudges that cause you to go this way or that. Sometimes your soul gives up and chooses a more permanent way to end your suffering. Always though the universe will keep trying to assist those who ask. Due to free will no help can be given unless it’s requested. Luckily that request can come from your soul as well as your physical form.

Cherish these people and listen well to their assistance. It could come from verbal direction or even the love they radiate. Be assured that you will succeed if you follow their lead because if not, more help will be sent.

Rest assured you are never alone and help is there waiting for you to ask for it. We are always most happy to assist you to help you continue on your path back to your connection to source that was lost so long ago.

The Ascended Masters Have Arrived!

Ascended Masters

At long last after what seemed like eons, they are here and they walk among us at this very moment.  Gaia is beaming with excitement.  Since this time of transition was so very important, Source was sure to send only the best of the best.  There was no room for error in a mission as far reaching and multidimensionally affecting as this one.  They were all timed to be here and ready at this very moment in history.

This plan was set many thousands of years ago, during the fall of Atlantis.  Would it surprise you to hear many of them were present during the fall?  They made a pact then to rejoin this existence during this precise now moment.

They have been here many years preparing for the completion of this shift of consciousness. Each one of them has filtered the incoming energies in a way that only they are able. All their many sacred light colors are blended for the perfect rainbow of energy occurring now all over the planet.

With their extensive experience through thousands of lifetimes, each one of them have altered the lives of many thousands of individuals.  There are untold numbers of them here now.

Surprisingly not many know how to recognize them.  Please keep this a secret.  I will share it with all of you.  They are literally everywhere but still unseen.  I’ve been passed this special way of seeing them.  Please walk through this method with me so you don’t forget.  If you look a specific way you can see them.  Go now to the nearest mirror to you.  Stand in front of it and close your eyes.  Now just peek through your eyelids like you did as a kid playing hide and seek.  Do you see the image of a figure directly in front of you in the mirror?  You do?  Awesome, you have advanced in your skills greatly.  Yes that figure in the mirror is an Ascended Master.  Their skills on Earth at this time are only limited by their beliefs.  Thank them for me when you see them.  They are providing a great service.  Many of them are even unaware of their immense powers and contribution to society during this great shift into a new age.

Without them, we could have never come this far.  Thank you from my heart and please thank the others as you see them walking among you.

About Those Other Lives You Had

Past Life 2

Yes all of us have had many other lives. And since you are here now, don’t be so quick to brush off as ridiculous that you had many lives as a well known person. Only those types of beings are here now at this time of transformation. Why would Source have sent less? Winners want the ball when the game is on the line.

I want to explain the experience I have related to remembering past lives.  Its not something I can plan.  It just sort of all comes together at the perfect moment and likely when I’m meant to know about it.  Generally some word will catch my attention and that is the seed of the whole process.  From that word I’ll start wondering why it caught my attention like it did.  Days, weeks or months might pass before this process continues.  I might even notice that new skills pop up and they are part of that previous life also.  I might be reading something unrelated, but its only unrelated at that moment.  I generally find a phrase that somehow starts tying things together even though this topic was unrelated.  When all the clues come together the feeling is like I’m frozen by energy, there is no chance I can miss this nudge from Source.  I’ll just wonder, Is this a past life? And I’ll hear “Yes”.  I’ll say, Really?  And hear, “Ha ha, Yes”.  Was I really this person?  “Yes you were.”  Then it all falls in place,  Memories come back, energy pours into me from everywhere.  Most times tears pour from my eyes.  It’s such an emotional joy and release of energy, nothing but gratitude can be felt for this knowledge and this part of me rejoining my core self.

Be sure that it is for your benefit that this has flowed back into you at this time.  All the knowledge, memories and skills of that life are now part of you.  Don’t worry about this knowledge being held from you by the frequency gates.  If your vibe wasn’t high enough, this part of you would not have been able to come back yet.

Even after all that, some doubt may linger.  But if you continue to research it, more and more confirmations will show up so even your ego can have no doubt about this new revelation.

Generally you’ll find this past life is related to an interest you’ve had your whole life but really didn’t know why.  Now, you know why.


To give you an idea of how that thought process can go I give you this picture.

King, Den (Udimu) Horus Who Strikes

You Are All Connecting To Gaia Through The Grid

Gaia Grid

“Oh wow that’s great, why should I care?”

Many are already seeing why this is important.  But I will explain an amazing part of it that at least some of you are experiencing.

Are you noticing that you are doing some things differently than you used to do them?

And for whatever reason this new method works much better than the way you did it before.  Yes, yes, you are all brilliant. 🙂  Part of what occurs when you are connected is you benefit from the knowledge of everything that is known.  Gaia has that connection to this information.  Your connection to the grid offers this same knowledge to you as well.  Yes, I know you don’t feel like you know everything, can you imagine the turmoil if everyone instantly did?  It would be a wonderful thing, but not in your world’s current state.  There will be a time soon (sorry) when everyone will instantly know everything but it will fade rather quickly.  That will give you a taste of the possibilities.

Frequency gates prohibit this knowledge from beings until they have reached a level of consciousness that would never use it for the detriment of others.  Until that time you will be given little morsels of knowledge that will continue to build as you raise your vibration.  Use each morsel wisely since they are all like mini tests to see how you use them.

Pay attention each day and see when you notice this.  It’s but one small fun thing that is happening that many who ask “Why isn’t anything changing?” will not even notice.

The Omega Point and Transcendence

For whatever reason, actually through many breadcrumbs of synchronicity this morning I was led to the text copy in my archives of this information. Angelicview did such a wonderful job of turning it into a post that I’m happy to just repost it here today. Thank you again Angelicview for posting this originally.

Universal Angelic View

Thanks to Silent Winds of Change for bringing this to my attention.

Author Unknown

Exponential acceleration spiraling towards the broken math of singularity’s edge. The Technological Singularity, The Omega Point, Timewave Zero, and The Law of Angel3Accelerating Returns. I bring these theories to your attention because they are mathematically plausible futures. They are different mathematical scenarios that condense to a place in time. Whether you deem them coincidence that they culminate on or around the year 2012, or if you prefer rather to do a little more research and study the mathematics involved and discover that that is just where the numbers end, is what this human era is all about. The information is out there, it’s just a matter of whether you will take them and incorporate the ideas into your own worldview. 

The idea of an area in time where certain concepts break down due to their respective…

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Question of a Lifetime – What is Ascension, When will it finally happen!?

Perfectly said. Well worth spreading around and reposting. Thank you AnnaMerkaba

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

ASCNESIONQUESTIONA reader of my blog named Robert has asked me a very interesting question that I think most of you have in the back of your mind. He asked “I have been reading several ascension blogs. Most of them have info that humanity would ascend on 21DEC 2012 and since then the dates simply kept on changing and even the so called channeled info from higher dimensional beings and ascended masters is wrong so many times. Just don’t know what to believe anymore and like so many other readers and followers I am more than frustrated to just keep waiting for a date and when nothing happens then conveniently some new date comes up and this has been going on for so long. So my question is if we are going to ascend at all then when do you think its gonna happen? If it is so difficult to give…

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Muscle Memory Is Not What People Think It Is

girl playing guitar brown hair

You all realize that your consciousness and your higherself manipulate the actions of your physical body.  One of the big things that occurs is your HS (HighSelf) programs the body on how to function.  Many of these functions seem automatic to you, but in truth your HS has programmed that functionality into the body.

When you learn to do something new like play a guitar, people tell you that you will get better by practicing over and over again.  This is supremely true.  You think it all starts to come to you automatically because you practice so much.  It is really occurring because you are doing something repeatedly.  This repetition shows your HS your desire.  HS works (programs) this new desire into the automatic functions of the body.

So please do listen to your guitar teacher, but realize also why this works as they say it will.  Keep this in mind when you have other things to learn.

Psst.  Here’s a secret.  This really works in two ways.  One takes a bit longer, that which is mentioned above.  But there is a way to make it happen quicker.  Do the above, but add gratitude and heartfelt desire to it.  That will catalyze the process and bump that desire up on the list for your HS.

Please try out this additional way and you will see it’s true.  In some cases it can be instant.  But like always, your belief will allow this faster way to work as stated or not.  As always it’s your choice.  Everything you do here is your choice.  Isn’t that starting to be apparent?

Enjoy this new knowledge and the skill you’ll gain from it.

The Menu Is Open, Make Your Choices

Menu Choices

There is still “time” to select the roll or part you wish to play in this “Changing of Worlds”.

The menu is before you.  Don’t limit yourselves to the way you came in.  Do you want to FEEL energies?  Make the intent and so it will be.  Do you want to be a Planetary Lights Server?  Your heartfelt desire for it is your key to receiving it.  The menu is open in front of you and it shall stay that way, it is not too late to make your selections.  It never will be.  Look around at all the other tables and see what others have chosen.  See which ones spark your fancy.  Choose any or all of them it does not matter.  The only thing that keeps these choices from you is your belief.

Select your choices, and relax.  It’s on the house for such a special person as you.

Please, Try Out Your Wings


It was not your plan before you came here to listen to channeled messages, learn what you needed to learn, remember what you need to remember, and just to continue to do so.

The plan was to wake you up again.  Kick off your inner knowing again.  Light your inner fire again.  How does the nest feel?  Are you comfortable?

Please, it is time you fall out of the nest, flap your feathers and soar off to share and spread your light in only the way you are able.  You are all different shades of the rainbow.  Each color is required to assist the world.

You have all done a lovely job, reading messages and heartfelt posts.  You’ve posted them for others to see.  You aren’t some new reporter reporting on the art show or the music festival.  You are the Artists and the Musicians.  You aren’t here to be a message hub for others.  You are a message hub for Source.  You are a direct channel of the Divine.  You aren’t here to watch and report on the fireworks, you ARE the fireworks!  You are all so much more than you give yourselves credit.  You wouldn’t be here NOW if you weren’t.

So put away your CTRL-C and CTRL-V and share what you have in YOUR heart and Your connection to source.

Do you know what made Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Johann Sebastian Bach, Joan of Arc and all others great?  One thing.  Their connection to source.  You all have it as well.  No one but you can nurture and develop it for you.  That is your task alone.

Please, try out your wings.

What Will It Be Like When Your Third Eye Is Open?


Not like your 3D mind expects.

Will it be like a movie?


Info will just feel like it’s dropped on you. Pages worth of info in a second.  Your consciousness may take hours to digest it all or you could catch it all instantly but it could still be hours worth of info.  You might close your eyes, see a kaleidoscope of colors, or just swishing swirling colors and images, open your eyes and realize you just had what seemed like a dream.  All the details are there but it seemed just to be a second of your time.

You only get info when you want it.  Most of mine comes as I’m assisting others to work out their questions or I’ve stretched myself beyond my normal limits.  It tries to be non-intrusive.  So realize also you won’t excel and move up the spiral unless you are constantly stretching yourself, both figuratively and literally.

Stop listening to the “experts”.  Don’t even listen to me.  You were born with all you need.  Work on your inner knowing and at the very least please try to meditate if you are serious about this path.  You don’t need to be obsessed with it, but I’m certain that is the narrow gate you must pass before all of this mystery cracks open in your reality.

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