Get Used To Your New Skin


What this means is as more and more of your higherself comes down into your physical you’re going to have some weird energy things going on.  When this happens it’s rarely perfect.  There is a period of equalization.

The situation is, now you have two parts of you trying to occupy the same space, and although it will work out fine in a few months there may be some unusual energetic stiffness until both energy bodies can harmonize sufficiently.    Your higherself has to get comfortable being within you now.  Remember we said previously the energy that used to rush in from your crown chakra will move from above you to within you.  Believe me it sounds much easier than it really is for the physical body.  All your little cells are screaming (in a good way) trying to relax with this new source of energy living in the same space they have lived for up to 7 years.  Yes every atom in you is replaced within 7 years.

One thing that will happen is your overall energy is going to change.  You may have been warm all the time before but for a few weeks after this happens you are going to have maybe a few weeks that you are cold.  You may have always had warm hands and warm feet, for a period of maybe 2 weeks you could have cold hands and or feet.  This may happen a few times but it will level off and go back to where it was before this merging.  But one of the weird things is there will be different spots on you, and it will be different for everyone, where something about the energy is going to take a little bit longer to settle in.  You might have a weird feeling on your back, kind of an annoying little ache or pain that was never there before.  This will always be in the same spot and it will have started around the time your energy changed.  Some people might have something weird with your foot.  You’ll feel a pain in your foot but you’ll wiggle your toes around and can move them with your hand but you can’t make it hurt that same way again.  The pain or ache will be sporadic.  But you won’t be able to reproduce it no matter how you move or manipulate your foot.  This is one of those things that will drive you or your doctor crazy if you go to the doctors for it.  They won’t find anything.

Please go to the doctor if you wish to be sure, but if they find nothing please try to relax about it.  Let it happen.  The more you worry about it the more grief you will give yourself.  Just try to relax into it and it will work itself out.  You may get a bit of a white glow from it as well 🙂

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  1. so this ISN’T really heartburn? I need to just “chill”

  2. Hello. I just have a couple questions. I have been very stiff and sore the last few days and have not done anything to really warrant this? Also, what do you mean by a white glow?

    • silentwindofchange

      Me too. I’ve been stiff lately also. The glow part was pushed in after I finished writing. I’m not completely sure myself. I’ve been getting images of humans glowing for a long time.

      I can tell you however that people always emit a glow, it’s just normally outside of our visual spectrum. Bones can emit light when electricity is applied to them. Here’s a good scientific article about the ability of bones to emit light.

      “An interesting property of PN-junctions of semiconductor diodes may be observed when current is run though the diode in forward bias, i.e. when there is a good current flow across the barrier. Some of the energy is turned into light and emitted from the surface and are therefore known as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Researchers found that bone was an LED that required an outside source of light before an electric current would make it release its own light, and the light it emitted was at an infrared frequency invisible to us, but consistent.”

  3. thank you for this timely info. I have been feeling “static” electricity energy in my back, and in my left foot. I also taste it as well. I work out every day, and walk every morning, and yet, I keep getting stiffer! lol!! I definitely appreciate this sharing. Namaste’

    • silentwindofchange

      Welcome, oddly those are the 2 places I’m feeling these things also. Interesting what kind of taste?

      • It is the taste of electricity static like tv static. I have synesthesia or am a synesthete. I taste colors and sounds and sometimes words. Guides show up for me in taste and color. I will add that I can taste a flower essence with this pain energy also. I also am blogging on this. That is interesting that you are experiencing it in the same body locations.

      • silentwindofchange

        Yes very interesting, thanks for the explanation.

      • silentwindofchange

        The static is due to the two areas not being in harmony. When they harmonize the static will dissipate and also the pain and discomfort.

        I’m not getting anything for the flower taste. If I do I’ll reply here again about it for you.

      • Thank you sincerely!

  4. This post really helped me out. I’ve been feeling major pressure in my heart/chest since I started feeling all these new energies.
    I avoided the hospital and just relaxed…which worked. It’s just great to have the reassurance.

    Much love.

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    Thank you!

  6. Good information! Lately I have been experiencing the hand and feet sensations, a fairly quick moving full body warmth, and a pain in the outer portion of my left thigh that I’ve never experienced before. It’s almost a stabbing feeling but has an electrical feel to it. The pain is in a straight line and comes and goes, but it is always in the same place, about the same size (6″ long), at the same depth (about 2″) and the same intensity.

    Even more pronounced though, have been the changes in the abilities of my eyesight. I don’t know for sure if more is happening around me or I’m just better equipped to witness and participate, but I would guess it’s both. I’ve explained some of the changes in my post Do You See What I See if anyone cares to check them out.

    Thanks for the post!
    With all of my Joy to all of His World!

    • silentwindofchange

      Thanks Joy I will check it out. Your eyes are just seeing more. Do you wake up with goopy eyes? Your eyes have been changing for quite a while.

      • I haven’t had any discharge with my eyes, but I can relate to those having back stiffness. I’ve discovered, for me, that my joint rigidity is associated with my internal body pressure. I’ve been dealing with sinus blockages for quite some time now, and once the passages are open, and body fluids can flow freely, any and all stiffness I’m experiencing goes away immediately and completely. I’ve wondered about the third eye and/or crystallization as possible instigators of the blockages.

      • silentwindofchange

        I truly believe that Pineal Gland Calcification is disinformation.

      • You may very well be right. All of it is so new to me. Thanks for your input!

  7. Oh I can so relate to this….My spine has been rigid for a while now. Very uncomfortable indeed. Hot baths by candlelight seem to mellow it out for a spell. It stands to reason why this is going on. As you say so well, we are now sharing ourselves with new energies! Thanks SW 🙂 VK

  8. How about mysterious rashes appearing?

  9. thank you for this info. Yes to quick stabs of pain that come and go. Burning eyes and weird tastes at time. So grateful to my body for handling all of this with relative grace as I witness so many in extreme pain. Looking back, I notice i have been undergoing this for a long time and have trusted my body to come through intact. We are getting so close to radiant health and energy!! The energy running the past few days has been intense, it feels like it is literally dripping from my fingertips! Drinking and peeing constantly as my body moves it through and anchors what is needed. We are all so amazing!!!

    • silentwindofchange

      You have had the key to grace and ease through this whole effort. Trust and Grateful are the keys. Most people don’t realize your body knows what you think of it or towards it. By being grateful and trusting it, it works extra hard to surpass all of your expectations. I’m grateful to be sharing this time with people like you. Thank you for your comments.

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