Everyone is born with a song in their soul. Don’t leave us without sharing yours.

girl violin

Those that know me, know I have started to learn playing the guitar.  Part of that new path is singing while playing.  I’m telling you this short, brief, tiny bit of info not to brag or make myself feel better.  I’m telling you because we are at an amazing manifestation time in the history of this world.

The key to manifesting amazing miraculous things in your life is a heartfelt request for what you wish could happen.  Sending that feeling out into the universe with gratitude, locks in the possibility of it happening.  Will it always happen as you wish?  No, not always, but when it does the feeling nearly knocks you off your feet.

This was the situation that happened last night.  I was coming home from my guitar lesson and listening to one of the songs I’m starting to work on learning.  This song was one of the two songs that made me finally decide to learn the guitar.  The singer of this song has an amazing voice.  A few days ago for fun I recorded myself singing it.  Wow, it was not what I was hoping I would have sounded like when I listened to the recording.  I just laughed at the time and planned to skip singing that one.  But as I listened to it last night a feeling came over me and I thought wow if I could sing like that it would be incredible.  Then I started singing the song and after about 30 seconds I heard my voice crack a bit.  From that moment on I was hitting all the notes the same way as this singer.  My voice was even a little raspy and sticking right with every bit of style the singer used for this song.  It was incredible beyond belief to me.  I just started laughing and thanked everyone above and within for giving me that opportunity.

Will it happen again?  I hope so, but at least I know anything is possible.

Give it a try.  You’ll have better success if it’s something you are really sending out from your heart.

Gook Luck! 🙂

Everyone is born with a song in their soul.
Don’t leave us without sharing yours.

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  1. Thanks for the share! I have been experiencing the same type thing for a bit now. In addition to being able to hit notes out of my range, I’ll start singing impromptu harmony which I never had an ear for. Just as soon as my mind thinks about anything earthly, I lose it. It only manifests when I am enthralled in sincere worship. Pretty cool, and with practice, I find it easier and easier to dive into.

  2. Ah how wonderful SW…I do hope you might one day share a bit of your singing and guitar playing 🙂 Now is the time to stretch ourselves in whatever direction we so choose and keep at it. The saying used to be practice makes perfect, lets switch that to practice makes manifest 🙂 VK

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