The Menu Is Open, Make Your Choices

Menu Choices

There is still “time” to select the roll or part you wish to play in this “Changing of Worlds”.

The menu is before you.  Don’t limit yourselves to the way you came in.  Do you want to FEEL energies?  Make the intent and so it will be.  Do you want to be a Planetary Lights Server?  Your heartfelt desire for it is your key to receiving it.  The menu is open in front of you and it shall stay that way, it is not too late to make your selections.  It never will be.  Look around at all the other tables and see what others have chosen.  See which ones spark your fancy.  Choose any or all of them it does not matter.  The only thing that keeps these choices from you is your belief.

Select your choices, and relax.  It’s on the house for such a special person as you.

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  1. I have chosen. My role is the role of avatar.
    I had already chosen on 2nd October. On that day, the word “Avatar” crossed my mind, as it did a few times earlier during meditation sessions. I came home, and while opening the front door (how symbolic) I asked God – literally – to ‘enlighten’ me on the question of my role as an avatar.
    As I came inside and put my car keys in the box with the keys. They touched a device on of my daughters had put in there, lighting up the box for a few seconds. I had never seen this device before, and its lighting application came as a complete surprise.
    I will not call it a miracle. Just a wink of God, showing a divine sense of humour after all…

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