Muscle Memory Is Not What People Think It Is

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You all realize that your consciousness and your higherself manipulate the actions of your physical body.  One of the big things that occurs is your HS (HighSelf) programs the body on how to function.  Many of these functions seem automatic to you, but in truth your HS has programmed that functionality into the body.

When you learn to do something new like play a guitar, people tell you that you will get better by practicing over and over again.  This is supremely true.  You think it all starts to come to you automatically because you practice so much.  It is really occurring because you are doing something repeatedly.  This repetition shows your HS your desire.  HS works (programs) this new desire into the automatic functions of the body.

So please do listen to your guitar teacher, but realize also why this works as they say it will.  Keep this in mind when you have other things to learn.

Psst.  Here’s a secret.  This really works in two ways.  One takes a bit longer, that which is mentioned above.  But there is a way to make it happen quicker.  Do the above, but add gratitude and heartfelt desire to it.  That will catalyze the process and bump that desire up on the list for your HS.

Please try out this additional way and you will see it’s true.  In some cases it can be instant.  But like always, your belief will allow this faster way to work as stated or not.  As always it’s your choice.  Everything you do here is your choice.  Isn’t that starting to be apparent?

Enjoy this new knowledge and the skill you’ll gain from it.

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