The Omega Point and Transcendence

For whatever reason, actually through many breadcrumbs of synchronicity this morning I was led to the text copy in my archives of this information. Angelicview did such a wonderful job of turning it into a post that I’m happy to just repost it here today. Thank you again Angelicview for posting this originally.

Universal Angelic View

Thanks to Silent Winds of Change for bringing this to my attention.

Author Unknown

Exponential acceleration spiraling towards the broken math of singularity’s edge. The Technological Singularity, The Omega Point, Timewave Zero, and The Law of Angel3Accelerating Returns. I bring these theories to your attention because they are mathematically plausible futures. They are different mathematical scenarios that condense to a place in time. Whether you deem them coincidence that they culminate on or around the year 2012, or if you prefer rather to do a little more research and study the mathematics involved and discover that that is just where the numbers end, is what this human era is all about. The information is out there, it’s just a matter of whether you will take them and incorporate the ideas into your own worldview. 

The idea of an area in time where certain concepts break down due to their respective…

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