About Those Other Lives You Had

Past Life 2

Yes all of us have had many other lives. And since you are here now, don’t be so quick to brush off as ridiculous that you had many lives as a well known person. Only those types of beings are here now at this time of transformation. Why would Source have sent less? Winners want the ball when the game is on the line.

I want to explain the experience I have related to remembering past lives.  Its not something I can plan.  It just sort of all comes together at the perfect moment and likely when I’m meant to know about it.  Generally some word will catch my attention and that is the seed of the whole process.  From that word I’ll start wondering why it caught my attention like it did.  Days, weeks or months might pass before this process continues.  I might even notice that new skills pop up and they are part of that previous life also.  I might be reading something unrelated, but its only unrelated at that moment.  I generally find a phrase that somehow starts tying things together even though this topic was unrelated.  When all the clues come together the feeling is like I’m frozen by energy, there is no chance I can miss this nudge from Source.  I’ll just wonder, Is this a past life? And I’ll hear “Yes”.  I’ll say, Really?  And hear, “Ha ha, Yes”.  Was I really this person?  “Yes you were.”  Then it all falls in place,  Memories come back, energy pours into me from everywhere.  Most times tears pour from my eyes.  It’s such an emotional joy and release of energy, nothing but gratitude can be felt for this knowledge and this part of me rejoining my core self.

Be sure that it is for your benefit that this has flowed back into you at this time.  All the knowledge, memories and skills of that life are now part of you.  Don’t worry about this knowledge being held from you by the frequency gates.  If your vibe wasn’t high enough, this part of you would not have been able to come back yet.

Even after all that, some doubt may linger.  But if you continue to research it, more and more confirmations will show up so even your ego can have no doubt about this new revelation.

Generally you’ll find this past life is related to an interest you’ve had your whole life but really didn’t know why.  Now, you know why.


To give you an idea of how that thought process can go I give you this picture.

King, Den (Udimu) Horus Who Strikes

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  2. So it’s not like a Kaleidoscope of lives… , it’s something you hear or feel, and then lots of research, is that about right?

    • silentwindofchange

      That’s been my experience Alan. But I suppose different people could experience it different ways. I’m just trying to share mine to help others to learn theirs. It’s important to be interested but don’t push it or get discouraged. All the pieces fall into place at their own divine timing with just a little of your help. One big clue is when you do something you’ve never done and techniques just start popping into your mind. For me that happened with guitar, but it could be anything you are doing that’s new.

      • That’s nice to know, so more or less, we are to just let it happen, and not push it. But,is that not just the meandering way, that if it happens that way, then it happens without any drive or want to succeed to accomplish any said goal of any said gift or a new found acquired skill..?

      • Oh yeah… after re-reading your comment over again, I got it, it came to me. It’s like something you find your really good at, and don’t really understand or know why, It could be like something complex, but for you it seems to come easy, or easier then others who have tried… I think I know what your trying to show and explain to me… Thanks, really… And it makes sense now, wow, I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this before, this opens up a whole new realm for me… Wow!! What a Revelation, and to think I never gave it a second thought before now… Thank you, my friend, all I can say is Wow..!

      • silentwindofchange

        Exactly Alan, just Wow 🙂

      • Do you have a name ? You know mine… I would like to maybe call on you again, even thank you for your guide…

      • silentwindofchange

        Due to the subject matter I’d prefer to stay anonymous.

      • Ok then, no prob. I’ll just call you ‘swoc’ if that is ok with you…

      • silentwindofchange

        Hehe that’s fine 🙂

  3. I’ve had no awareness of a past life or lives but I do believe this phenomenon exists. Perhaps I’ve not advanced enough for this knowledge or it is not deemed helpful for me in this life to know. Regardless I enjoy hearing of others experiences and thank you for sharing yours here!

    • silentwindofchange

      My pleasure. Thank you for reading it. Don’t doubt how far you’ve come, that talk is ego trying to make you feel small. First you must believe it’s possible for it to happen. Sometimes I’m certain I experience the things I do because I’m completely open to the possibilities. Nothing happens in life that hasn’t been imagined first. You are doing quite well 🙂

      • I believe I am open but I am trying not to get too attached to the idea of the potential experience… I do think it would be VERY cool. My ego is messing with me regarding this I’m sure but I continue to tell myself Spirit will lead me if I am but open and to let go of the attachment to any particular destination or experience and to just flow with it. Thank you for this encouragement! 😊

      • silentwindofchange

        Perfect attitude about it 🙂

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