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You, The Lightbearers Have Many Roles


The time has arrived when you are to use your light in many ways.  Today I will talk about how you will be used to influence a benevolent result to someone’s prayers.

As people call out to Source and the Angelics, you will be directed to assist.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t even involve breaking a sweat.  You are merely required to go where you are directed.  This direction will most times happen without you realizing what is going on.  You see, your light is so bright that your mere presence affects everything on your planet that you are near.

As an example I’ll present the following.  Someone prays that their car gets through inspection since they can’t afford expensive repairs during the holiday season, you will be directed there because your vehicle is due for inspection as well.  You will pull your car in after theirs.  Get out and chat with them while you wait.  Your energy will calm them about the situation.  Their car will pass which completely surprises them.  You wish them happy and safe holidays as they go off on their way.  Then your vehicle is finished but the person who works there has a puzzled smile on their face.  They say “I’m not sure why you are here.  Your inspection sticker should have said Nov 2015 instead of 2013.  So I put the correct one on for you.  Have a nice holiday.”  You say thank you and wish them a safe and happy holiday as well.  You just smile and shake your head knowing fully why this situation just happened.  In this case you are the Angels walking the Earth affecting for the better all things within your sphere of influence and that sphere is getting quite large.

So when you go about your day, have faith that your life and those around you are being divinely affected by your presence.

The Villian


There is a weakness in every kind of armour and (s)he who finds it will always be called,

The Villian.

What Will You Do When The Veil Is Lifted?

Piercing the veil

The veil is lifted for everyone at the time which is perfect for them.  Will there be a time when it lifts for everyone at the same time?  Perhaps.

Prepare yourself and imagine how you will react.  It will be so exciting.  But if it happens before any mass unveiling prepare yourself for a different result than you expected.  “Why won’t it be like I expect?”

Do you remember what it was like when you were old enough to know the truth about Santa Claus?  Did you run around and tell all the other kids?  Well, yes, some did, but it was preferred that you “bigger kids” kept that secret so the younger ones would still be surprised and feel the magic of Christmas on Christmas morning.  So it is similar now.

As the veil lifts for you, all the answers you wondered about will be part of your knowing.  Yes that is amazing and something to be very grateful about.  But along with this new knowing comes the responsibility of how you will handle it.

You will find that just reading a book, from a profound speaker which you looked up to in the past, is no longer the same.  You now realize with your knowing that some of what this speaker said that you believed, is different than even they thought.  It’s difficult to just appreciate anything that you thought was factual.  So what do you do with this knowing?  You do the same thing you did as the big kid that knew about Santa.  You smile at others’ excitement and assist them as much as you can.  You can’t just start correcting everyone and explaining how it really is.  No, you have a responsibility to support those still learning without ignoring their free will to experience their life as they are guided.

Your learning has not ended here.  In fact you can never stop learning.  You will master this stage as well as finding your new direction.  You may wish to be a teacher or a guide.  But understand that when this happens for you, the loop the loop reincarnation cycle is finished, unless you choose to do so again to assist at times like this when changes need to be made and Source requests your help.

There are many other planets out there and all in varying stages of consciousness, working there way back home.  They are in need of beings with precisely your skill set.  Thank you for your assistance during this time.  Without many, many others like you, this shift could never have happened.

Info on the original wood engraving of the picture above can be found here.

You Are The Caretakers – Remember And Accept Your Role


It’s time to remember this again.

You are Earth’s Caretakers.  Gaia has her tasks and you have yours.  It is a perfect relationship.  Gaia gives you everything you need to perform these tasks.  No illness takes place on Earth that doesn’t have a cure growing somewhere on her to cure it.  You are immensely loved.

Every creature here is aware of your role.  It doesn’t really take much for you to be it’s caretakers.  With love in your heart for the other creatures, everything would just be part of your normal day.

Every entity here has it’s purpose.  The intertwinings and relationships are perfectly planned.

Please begin to do your part.  No one needs to go out of their way to do this.  Heart-based love will guide you to these tasks.

Thank you for doing what you can to further this reminder.

This video will help remind you of just a small piece of the amazing animals we have on this beautiful blue planet traveling through space.

Thanks Mike for posting this video again.

It wouldn’t hurt to send some love to Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People also.

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

While we’re discussing Nahko, here is another great song and video from him and his band.

Said Or Unsaid, There Is A Separation Among Lightworkers Happening


There are those who have worked diligently on their light skills to develop a marketable craft.   They made a quick jump ahead of others and developed something they could charge others for. We are grateful to them because they are acting as stepping stones for those on their path.  Even among this group there are those who charge a great deal and those who charge an amount others can afford without much effort. The affordable ones are surely providing a great service.

In the times we are now in, what used to be the lead of the wave changes month by month, and in doing so creates a momentum that allows you all to make great advancements. What is starting to occur however, is that craft which through a complicated process assisted people in getting guidance, is now an instant effort for those who continued on ahead.  They progressed instead of specializing in that original craft.

So you will see some quiet, polite, pushing away of those with these new skills that give the same or more accurate information so easily. It is not being taken so well by those who charge for their craft that takes great effort and time from their day.

Thankfully, the gate is never closed and it is still of course possible for those with these crafts to continue on the path and not get stuck in their original service that has helped so many. In times past that skill could have provided them with a life long career and for many it has. But this is not those times. You only are able to take nibbles of the new findings before more doors start opening. Just like the mail, news or travel used to take days or weeks, now it is nearly instant. Instant is where all this is going. For now, the speed of attaining new spiritual goals is increasing exponentially for everyone who is interested. If you insist on just polishing that one skill, thank you for your service. You have helped many advance.

At some point you may want to continue on and that will be a joyous day for the others you assisted. There will be stepping stones for you ahead when you are ready.

You Are Advancing Well, But As You Look Around Some Friends May Be Missing

angelic 3

As you are all progressing, some will do so more than others.  It just a natural way of nature.  Whenever there are large numbers of people, plants or animals doing the same types of things some will grow faster than others.  But where people are concerned it’s not just physical.  People grow spiritually as well.  And with that you will see some making great jumps and others make a jump and get amazed, dazzled and in effect stymied in their progress.  You however are quite happy with advancement after advancement.

It’s an amazing thrill to look at how much you’ve changed and advanced in your goals.  But when you look beside you to your friend to share your excitement with them, they may not be there.  But how can that be?  We are all just as capable and when this all started you were struggling to keep up with them.  So it is and there is not much you can do to help them.  They have stopped by their own choice to revel in that new level you both reached a month, 6 months, a year or maybe longer ago.  Neither one of you noticed until one day you looked next to you and they were no longer there.  There is nothing really to do but to move on and keep making your advancements.  Save some space next to you in case they realize their situation and work on catching up.  It is up to them now.  You can only look around, share your joy with those still around you and continue on your path.

Wish your old friends well and expect to find new friends up ahead.

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