You Are Advancing Well, But As You Look Around Some Friends May Be Missing

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As you are all progressing, some will do so more than others.  It just a natural way of nature.  Whenever there are large numbers of people, plants or animals doing the same types of things some will grow faster than others.  But where people are concerned it’s not just physical.  People grow spiritually as well.  And with that you will see some making great jumps and others make a jump and get amazed, dazzled and in effect stymied in their progress.  You however are quite happy with advancement after advancement.

It’s an amazing thrill to look at how much you’ve changed and advanced in your goals.  But when you look beside you to your friend to share your excitement with them, they may not be there.  But how can that be?  We are all just as capable and when this all started you were struggling to keep up with them.  So it is and there is not much you can do to help them.  They have stopped by their own choice to revel in that new level you both reached a month, 6 months, a year or maybe longer ago.  Neither one of you noticed until one day you looked next to you and they were no longer there.  There is nothing really to do but to move on and keep making your advancements.  Save some space next to you in case they realize their situation and work on catching up.  It is up to them now.  You can only look around, share your joy with those still around you and continue on your path.

Wish your old friends well and expect to find new friends up ahead.

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  1. I lost a lot of “friends” when I became “ill”. It was really depressing; but in hindsight it was a blessing. Now my circle is smaller but more Loving.

    • silentwindofchange

      Thanks, yes I see it the same way also. The cream always rises to the top. Thank you for adding your comment to this post. 🙂

  2. It is a matter of letting go, not of people but of things that create separation. Sometimes the idea of advancement is used as a reason. We will get there ♥ and people will stop losing sight of what brought them together in favor of reasons to part.

  3. Thanks for this. It has been the forefront of my mind of late; a lot of my friends have simply dropped away, and are now silent, noncommittal, absent, etc. I am still open to them, but it feels like they have closed themselves from me, and with some of them, it is clear they have no idea the things I’m talking about. Thankfully, I have new friends, but the loss of the old “dependable” still hurts, at least right now.

    • silentwindofchange

      It will hurt for a while. But you will meet new friends, just be open to that. The important thing is to love yourself and be complete. From there you will attract more like people into your life and from a point of self love, those new friends will be wonderful. Thank you for your comments.

    • Janet, in the 90’s, I read Stuart Wilde’s book, “Whispering Winds of Change”, I remember him talking about the 1000 steps we all take towards enlightenment. He said we would often be alone on that journey as our family and friends may not move together with us, I struggled with that many years ago, not because I wanted everyone to progress like me, but because I wanted my close ones to get out of the suffering, the ignorance, fear of truth, and I learned a great lesson in those years. Don’t help unless you are being asked for help. Many times I chose to help someone because I thought I was doing the right thing, but it would always backfire on me and then I realized that I can’t force change and I can’t help someone who is not ready. It’s been a very lonely journey for me and I am grateful that my partner is on that journey with me, at least I have someone to share it with. We all progress at different levels, but we also need to know this: We all agreed to come here with purpose, we all have soul contracts, we all took a role in this lifetime for something, we all play significant roles and we need to respect one another for the roles that we chose in this lifetime and during this exciting time of planet earth. When I remind myself of this reality, then I can look at those around me with love and compassion and know they are there because they chose to be there.

      • Ines, thank you for your reply, it also speaks to me as much as the original post. I realised through hard experience that not everyone wants help, nor will react to it the way you expect, so lately I have been following that rule for myself–don’t help anyone unless asked! Even though every once in a while (OK, often), I will just share a bit of what I know, then try to move on. Unfortunately I am not one of those who could take my partner with me; he didn’t like how I changed, I didn’t like how he didn’t, and then our values took opposite sides. Funny thing was the minute I left, I’ve not felt alone spiritually–I always seem to have unseen friends and teachers. But this is hard to explain to most.

  4. Well done…I think it is one of the more poignant times on our journey for growth. Learning to release what cannot be between two friends and continuing forward alone. It is one of the greater lessons of letting go we learn! But learn we must and eventually we do 🙂 Good one. Thanks….VK

  5. It’s a subject to ponder no doubt, I live on a small island in Croatia with 1500 population, I returned to my birth country after living in Canada for 42 years. At first it was very hard to adjust to the culture and religion of my people where they are taught to suffer as that is being a good thing. I am very alone spiritually in my country of birth, and it’s very hard to see my people suffer so much due to ignorance and religion that has taken away their power, how nice it would be to have a friend to walk in nature and hug a tree, go barefooted to ground myself and collect energy from Gaia, these things my people would consider foolish and weird, let alone having a friend to share with me, but I look forward to the day when they too will start awakening and I know that I will be here for them to help them understand and cope with things and to welcome the New Earth. We are so close, and that is what keeps me hopeful that my purpose for being here will soon be realized.

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