You Are The Caretakers – Remember And Accept Your Role


It’s time to remember this again.

You are Earth’s Caretakers.  Gaia has her tasks and you have yours.  It is a perfect relationship.  Gaia gives you everything you need to perform these tasks.  No illness takes place on Earth that doesn’t have a cure growing somewhere on her to cure it.  You are immensely loved.

Every creature here is aware of your role.  It doesn’t really take much for you to be it’s caretakers.  With love in your heart for the other creatures, everything would just be part of your normal day.

Every entity here has it’s purpose.  The intertwinings and relationships are perfectly planned.

Please begin to do your part.  No one needs to go out of their way to do this.  Heart-based love will guide you to these tasks.

Thank you for doing what you can to further this reminder.

This video will help remind you of just a small piece of the amazing animals we have on this beautiful blue planet traveling through space.

Thanks Mike for posting this video again.

It wouldn’t hurt to send some love to Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People also.

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

While we’re discussing Nahko, here is another great song and video from him and his band.

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  2. thank u for the reminder!!

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