My QHHT Session (from earlier this year)

QHHT Session

I had my QHHT session at the beginning of the year and it was awesome. Very odd feeling, I was completely frozen during it. I didn’t even think I was under until I realized I couldn’t move. Lots of tears. What I realized is there isn’t much separation in me from what I get from my HigherSelf. Just a little more detail and I have no clue where the other lives came from so I’m not doubting that but weird how it comes in. Very small pieces of info, not like the usual HigherSelf dumps I’m used to getting.

My HigherSelf said when we get dumps from hs during a normal day it is part of their plan so we get the info handed to us like a package. The hypnosis is pulling info that’s not part of my plan but is allowed to benefit our growth.

It was weird getting the info. It came in like it was me then I held it to see if it was me. Then I would do like 3 quick breaths, say what came through and then energy rushed through me like it was saying, “finally you said it”

I was shown two past lives and tears were flowing in both of them.

One I was some kind of I guess Aztec scribe, I was the only one there at the temple. The others left during earthquakes and never came back. It was my job to organize information in scrolls and condense them into fewer, after that I had to hide and protect them. I died in the cave where I hid them.

The other I was an Indian chiefs son who was learning what he could from the medicine man and my father (the chief) didn’t approve.

The info in them really gave a lot of insight to my interests.

About the shift, my HigherSelf said it will happen over the next few years.

People will start to see energies in the air. Then they will start asking questions. Cue the lightworkers.

Free energy will come out due to necessity. It will overlap our current systems failing. The energy will be taken from the air and no man will be able to throttle who it goes to. Some type of antenna will be placed on the house to pull the energy from the air. Our air will be charged with it. It won’t hurt us and will always be free.

While I was in the session it felt like I had a group energetically fine tuning me practically everywhere.

The practitioner who did my session said she doesn’t normally see energies but when my HigherSelf came in she could see an energy glow around me.

The practitioner looked different to me after the session but why? My HigherSelf gave me the answer. I was seeing her through the eyes of unconditional love. This view faded after about 30 seconds.

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  1. I had my own QHHT session just last week to answer some of my own questions that haven’t been answered clearly enough…I am glad you and others are finding out and taking advantage of this tool… Thanks for posting !

    • silentwindofchange

      The funny part is as I wrote my list of questions to be asked during the session my higherself was answering them for me. So for me the most interesting part of the session was the previous lives. So I’m wondering if you already possibly know the answers to your questions.

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