Encoded Pictures

I want to make this brief post about Encoded Pictures.

All of the blog posts being made whether channeled or otherwise have a very important component that has not been discussed.  The picture that travels with those words is encoded with much more information than is given within the words.  This is similar to the hieroglyphs.  The hieroglyphs are not to be literally translated.  Their images are what convey the message.

The people making posts take a long time to select the pictures that go with the posts.  They do so because they are looking for that main missing piece that completes the message and changes the post from something to read to something to absorb.  You are instantly understanding the words, but for quite a time after the reading, your whole being is absorbing the picture.

So in short as your read these and other posts pay particular attention to the pictures and see if there is some special feeling or knowledge you can gather from it also.

It’s a new year to make as you wish, choose well.

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  1. So true….Have a happy SW and thanks for your valuable contribution to the great shift well underway now…My best to you and much love for your New World New Year ahead….VK

    • silentwindofchange

      Thank you for stopping by and giving your comments VK, you as well have been a tremendous help in this transition. It’s always nice hearing from you. 🙂

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  3. silentwindofchange

    The picture and credit has been removed. I will use a different image.

  4. Ohhhh, I was looking for this picture. I am creating mandalas and love looking at others’ creations. 😕

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