Loving this book – Silent Awakening

Silent Awakening

I’m starting to remember why I love this author. This will be a bit long of a quote but it’s stellar information. I’m only at chapter 3 and even though I thought I learned all I could from him, I’ve found 3 answers to questions that were still a mystery to me. Well worth the price of the book and the time involved. This quote explains why I read channels still. They make me keep my spirituality in my mind. I didn’t think I would learn much from this but I was sooo wrong already at only chapter 3. Now here is the quote.

“Why do spiritual people forget to keep up with their practices?

My teachings are not just information. They are a living knowledge. They are alive. Think of this knowledge as a species, an organism. My words are an organism that permeates you like an energy virus, but a positive virus that becomes a part of your soul. It lives inside of you. When you do not think about your soul, when you do not ponder and reflect on it, you forget about who you are. You become a biological machine and you lose yourself. Sharing this with you is food for this living thing inside of you . You are feeding it with energy and with consciousness. You are feeding it mentally, and that is why it is alive. Perhaps, you are starting to feel it now. This is what you are craving. It is what you want. When you forget who you are, when you stay away too long, you are washed. You are erased. It will happen to the best of you; therefore, until you are enlightened, stay close to the teacher.

If you drift away, you will lose yourself. Then one day the Force will be strong. You will get up out of bed and ask yourself, “Where have I been?” You will see how all of your money, all of your possessions, and everything in your life is meaningless. Your purpose in life is gone because you have lost who you are. Rest assured, if anyone happens to drift away , that is their choice. They know what you know now. If you do not feed and take care of your spirituality, the collective consciousness of the planet is so very powerful that it will wash away your memory . It will wash away who you really are. It will wash away your soul and you will become a working organism for this planet. All you will think about is eating, sleeping, how to gratify your flesh, and what your next adventure will be. Only those things become important to you. You will forget who you really are.

Pepin, Eric (2013-12-14). Silent Awakening: True Telepathy, Effective Energy Healing and the Journey to Infinite Awareness (Kindle Location 1412-1423). Higher Balance Publishing. Kindle Edition. ”


I give his other book “The Handbook of the Navigator” credit for introducing me to my Higher Self.

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  1. You will be “washed away”. I totally get that. Thanks for sharing!

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