Stop Doubting Your Amazing Inner Powers


This post is as a reminder that WE, all of us, have amazing power that we rarely or NEVER use.

I was sitting waiting for my tires to be put on my truck. There was a guy sitting near me that clearly was having somewhat labored breathing. I felt a tinge of annoyance and it caught my attention. The ting or the breathing? Both I guess. I stopped the attitude quickly. The HigherSelf voice laughed at my awareness of the whole situation and said “fix it”. I said “oh right”. So I closed my eyes, got quiet, focused my energy and pushed it towards him. Literally within 10 seconds it stopped and I had to look at him to make sure he was still breathing. He was and with no clue his breathing had changed. I was with him in that waiting area for another 45 minutes and never heard it again.

Something similar happened about two years ago. I was at the train station and a little girl near me fell and hit her head on the floor. That was not a good time for me to be empathic. I “literally” felt so bad for her. That same voice told me to do the same then. I closed my eyes, focused and pushed healing energy to her. She went from crying her eyes out to silence. I had to check by looking at her as well. She was fine. I’m sure she had a bump later (maybe) but the traumatic experience was gone for her and her mother.

I’m posting this so none of you ever think you are helpless from helping people like this. Maybe it won’t work for 15 times in a row but that 16th time when it works for you, that joy you experience will never be forgotten and you will have started on a long path of helping people in the future.

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  1. excellent post , thanks…

  2. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I love you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this. I’ve been doing that all my life and it gives my heart wings every time I see others doing it too. We are building moment by moment, tiny action by tiny action a Golden Age, a revolution of love and beauty to utterly erase the culture of greed and cruelty that has so dominated our beautiful planet for too long.

    Even when the immediate result is not visible these actions always work. The good you put out is real energy and has effects even when you don’t get direct feedback on those effects.

    Thank you for making our better world! πŸ™‚

    • silentwindofchange

      Thank you as well for doing your part. It’s getting to be a wild ride πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reblog as well.

  3. Interesting you should post this today as I just started into an online Empath course ~~~

  4. Awesome, great endeavor.
    I was also very excited when a lady at the Dentist office felt great relief from an excruciating tooth ache after my energy transmission.

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