Common Sense and Higher-Self Tidbits of Info


Here’s a quick way to know those who have a Higher-Self connection when even they don’t know it? ALL people with “Common Sense” have that connection. Common Sense, IS your Higher-Self.

Worried that your connection to Higher-Self is being blocked by those special clouds in the sky that start like  exhaust smoke, then within minutes cover the sky?  Don’t be.  What those using that technology don’t realize is the connection to your Higher-Self works like an internal mini-wormhole. The whole Earth could be encapsulated in an impenetrable bubble, but those with a Higher-Self connection will always be connected. That connection works in the quantum field and isn’t limited by “physics”.

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  1. The higher self takes a back seat unless it’s services are called for . Then there is that little nudge that warns as you said itis common sense

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