A Visitor

I’m open to suggestions of what this is.  Closest I can guess is some type of lightbeing.


Here is a previous video of the same thing.

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  1. If it’s not particulate matter floating about it’s got to be from the fairy realm!!! Great shot of it. Thanks for sharing….VK

    • silentwindofchange

      Thanks for commenting VK. I added a previous video of the same thing. The top video is closer and more clear but seems to be the same thing.

  2. My feeling is that the object floating is not the being (most possibly fairy) itself but the being controlling the movement of the object.

  3. In the second shot you can see other orbs floating by. It looks like ectoplasm. I’ve had experiences of spirit moving paper in my house, and my brother has had an apport given to him, and I’ve seen many lights in my house(pin pricks and large flashes), but never this type. Great shot. Did you see it before you started filming? Keep filming in the house, even if you think you are filming nothing.

    • silentwindofchange

      No I didn’t see it before videoing, but I do seem guided when to try a video to see if I can find anything. The orbs are always here and anywhere (including underwater in the pool) really that I have tried including coffee shops and hotels. I can often see the orbs as blurs passing by me. The first one looked like a straw paper right up to the point where it went down through the floor. The second looked like some type of light being and that one flew through solid objects like they weren’t there as well.

  4. marj featherstone

    Hi there I have watched both of the videos – it looks like a spirit that is trying to manifest in the form of ectoplasm.

    • silentwindofchange

      Interesting, but wouldn’t it be more fluid and moving if it was ectoplasm? This is actually rigid even though it looks so delicate, the shape is never seen to change. Thank you for your input Marj.

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