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I Want To Go Home… You’ve Always Had The Power


I know many say they want to go home and look up to the stars, but possibly one of the biggest lies you’ve been taught is that the feeling of “Home” is a physical place, planet, universe or galaxy. That feeling is not and has never been tied to a location.

That feeling is waiting inside you. “Home is where the heart is” was one of the greatest clues you ever could have been given. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you’ve always had the power to go home. Use it now and everyday by going inside and living in your heart.

Your whole reality will begin to twist and change as it transitions all of your external world into Home.

Putting The Pieces Together

This post will serve to combine the related blog posts into one thought process.  It may be edited often.

When The Universe Taps Your Shoulder To Do The Impossible, Just Say, YES!


Sometimes impossible things are required to be done.  You may find that you are tasked to do them.  You don’t know why or how you will do them, only that it requires you for it’s completion.  It could be an area that you have no expertise, but still, the issue is stressed that only you can do it.

So what do you do in this situation?  If you don’t do it who will?  Well, someone will, but it will pale greatly in comparison to the results if you had persevered and trusted in yourself and your guidance and knowing that every particle in the universe would conspire for your success.  Is this a time to feel small?  No way, this is a time to feel amazing beyond any feeling you ever felt before.  Go!  No delay, this moment will never come again.  No one sees it’s completion as clearly and perfectly as you do.

The younger you may have denied having the ability, actually in the body you stand in at that moment, it’s true you can’t succeed.  But that is only that moment and instant in time.  The very second you know you can do it is when you will have the ability to do just that.

Ask me to build an Ark?  Sure!  I’d be glad to do my part.  Am I a master builder who has these skills?  No, not at all.  But when I’m finished, I’ll stand before you as one of the finest craftsmen that ever breathed air on this amazing world we live on.


A Revelation About Your Integration With Your Higher Self

Love self selflove2

This is a short message but one of the most important.

When you have integrated with your higher self, you will no longer channel the higher realms. Those same levels of messages will be expressed by you from your heart. You will send them out in your words, thoughts and actions. This is what it will be like to have “Christ” consciousness. Many have it now but don’t realize what it is yet.  There is much more to it, but this is what is wished to be mentioned now.


We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

earth glowing

In times past when the world was in turmoil and needed assistance, avatars were sent to live and walk among the people. That only worked to a small degree and many of the stories you hear are incomplete. When these beings were discovered by the controllers of the world, they were killed.

The universe is perfect in it’s flow and evolution.  It thrives on change and is the only way it knows.   Seeing the problem with that plan, it devised another one that was more simple and grander in scope.  The plan had two phases.

The first phase was to bring channeling to the people.  Just a few in the beginning were capable of this, but in it’s success the collective consciousness of humanity chose to let that grow exponentially.  This new awareness and teaching explained to humans their true identities.

The second part of this plan involved the realization and integration of the higherself due to the teaching of the channeled messages.  The amazing and wonderful thing this accomplishes is the following.  Humans that are aware and integrated with their higherself are essentially walking avatars.  In the past it was easy to quiet 1, 3 or 5 walking avatars.  But there is no way of quieting 144,000 avatars interspersed in communities and from all walks of life from pauper to prince..  This is why the large population is so scary to the controllers.  This process initially is beginning with a percentage of the people but as the human collective consciousness sees it’s benefit, it will be phased into all humanity.

It is still not able to be revealed yet what will occur when this integration is complete.  But rest assured they will be interesting times.

If you are waiting for a wave of light to blanket the Earth, this is it and it cannot be stopped by those who wish to distract and make you unaware of your inner power. They will tell you to keep looking up.  This wave of light assistance is occurring on the planet.  It is truly “The Event”.

As it has been said many, many times before, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”


Others Think They Know What “The Event” Is…

They may think, but they don’t Know or Feel it.  They are not capable.  The Event won’t be ushered in by humans or ships in the sky.  They tell you it will because they want you to be in awe of them or think they are powerful and make you think you need them.  You are more powerful.  They have always known that.

They want you dumbed down and by always telling you that you are weak and by listening, you become weak.  This article will explain how easily it works on humans, no hocus pocus involved.  All their words are carefully chosen.

“Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities beyond Normal Limits”

Some have already experienced “The Event” so it could be evaluated how it would affect the whole.  But each person that experienced it only experienced a part of it.  No human has experienced all of what it will include.  How would the world change if everyone at the same time had complete access to their higherself?  REalize that also means you will perceive your senses differently and to a much higher degree.  You will see the divine in everyone, hear what you’ve never heard and feel things like you’ve never felt them before (in this life).  This will be “The Event”.

You channels know this is coming but many aren’t sure what it is.  We have all been raising our vibe to gain this attribute.  Some have experienced it before others, but when The Event happens, it will be given to everyone, or I should say every HUman.


The Cocoon Is Opening

Butterfly Human

I’ve been debating whether or not to post this, but if I don’t post it you will not know of the possibilities occurring.  I can only post my experience here, there isn’t much to research regarding it.

I’m trying to get an expanded idea of the characteristics So I’m not sure what term would apply to it yet.

I normally have energy pour into me from my crown chakra and it washes through me from my head to my feet. This used to happen multiple times a day. What I feel when this happens is like a full body energetic bliss running from my head through my whole body and out my feet. It is a few seconds in duration. There is nothing painful about it. It’s literally like a firehose of energy shooting through your whole body from top to bottom.  It generally would occur as confirmation to new knowing or appreciation of music, art or scenery.  Generally whatever makes your soul joyful.

For the past two weeks I’ve had a sharp pain in my wing area of my back.  On Tuesday the 27th, I noticed a change in the energy. What changed is that same energy no longer comes from above. Now it comes from inside me at about 5 different points.  My head, high heart, solar plexus, hip area and feet. These seem like chakra points and they fire off at different times. They go off like a pulse that radiates out and it feels like the same energy that used to rush through me.  Simply by placing your attention on the energy with gratitude the flow can be instantly initiated at will.  I’m still working on learning why the energy is felt from different places now instead of one general pulse through me.

Please feel free to add in the comments if you know what term applies.  I’m leaning towards Soul Integration or Full Kundalini Awakening or Ascension through the incension of the Higher Self.


Full Kundalini Awakening – The Missing Puzzle Piece


It has been told that only by following very specific ways could a person reach full kundalini awakening.  You had to trek off to some guru on a mountain and give up your way of life to get to that final place of enlightenment.  Could any of us ever be worthy?

Of course you are, we all are worthy.

I’m sure many will expect this to be very long winded about how this could be possible.  No, it will be a brief description and if you wish to research the possibility please do so.

All of the channeled messages were sent to make us better people and create a divine link from us to source.  All of the “Ascension Symptoms” match very well with kundalini rising symptoms.  What the messages triggered or nurtured is the kundalini activation and progression towards enlightenment.

This process can vary greatly in both time and effect depending on the individual.  But what happens is the kundalini gets activated, it rises or descends for some.  The crown chakra begins to open, energy is felt throughout the body.  As the crown chakra opens, the inflow of divine energy cleanses the inner energetic pathways and chakras.  This is the sacred cleansing fire spoken about.  When the crown chakra finally opens fully, it no longer pulls energy into the body.  It flips and the person’s energy radiates out from all their chakras into the environment.  The energy that emanates from the person’s body is limitless.  This was a situation that only happened to a few people every hundred years.  The inverted crown chakra emitting energy out of the body is where the halo in the pictures of Christ and saints came from.  This is how Christ Consciousness begins on Gaia.

This is happening now in rapid progression all over the world.  Each of these enlightened individuals naturally awaken others just by being in their proximity.  Shortly the 144,000 will be an unstoppable force of love and compassion.

Welcome to the New Earth.


The Lighthouses Are Being Lit

beacon 2 Cropped

Nothing like drinking a cup of coffee in a public place and hearing “The Lighthouses are being lit!”.  Quietly you look around for a second to see where that came from.  No one else seems to be reacting so it must be time for another post. 🙂

This video clip should give you a feeling of the excitement.

One by one they are being given their power. Let me explain this a bit. There are some that came as beacons. They knew that would be their task. (Even if you decided to be a lighthouse during this lifetime, source worked it’s magic and made it happen) Their skill sets were crafted to assist those lost in the storm of life, and more times than not, shake and awake many from their slumber. It was intended that they would anchor and shine the light, but they went overboard.  Generally they are overachievers at their core.  They developed their skills much quicker than expected, even for them.  These people are now being lit up and source changed how that is happening as a surprise for them.

It was planned that as the energies come from the Sun, these people would condition the energy in their special way and radiate it out from themselves over many miles.  But this is the part that was a gift from source.  Since this was such an important mission, and they have worked diligently, instead of just filtering and radiating the energies, they are actually now mini stars.  They are literally bursting with energy.  This energy is emanating from them now. They are the source of it. They walk as living stars on the earth. Darkness incinerates when near them.  No entities can tamper with them now.  This has never happened anywhere before.

Would you recognize them in public?  You may feel their presence, but generally they will have a look of amazing inner peace.

It’s not fully known what abilities will develop as a result of this but it sure is getting interesting.


More On Becoming An Avatar

Film Review Man of Steel

No, not like in the Avatar movie, better. Earlier we spoke of Christ Consciousness spreading on the planet. You were all sent with the ability to be an Avatar and it’s your choice of whether it is allowed to develop or not. Here’s more on the process.

There is a period of time where you will experience the energy flowing from above and into your crown chakra. This will typically be a few years. You will feel this and it will be incredible. It will not be constant because I promise you wouldn’t do anything besides just bath in it 24/7. It feels like you are bathing in liquid love.  Generally it is felt when you have delighted your soul by seeing, hearing, feeling beauty in all it’s forms. When this energy flushes through you it is cleansing out your physical body and chakras.

After that unknown period of time the energy descends into you.  That is your higher self or soul.  It’s energy is immense and limitless.  After this point you no longer feel the energy coming in through your crown.  When this happens there is also a period for that new mixing to stabilize. You are now an Avatar although on training wheels until your physical can deal with the juice being turned up.  As you continue to work on yourself the energy will get turned up notch by notch as much as you can physically handle.

Some of the things that will happen are the following.

Increased Brain Use:
You know how you only use a small part of your brain? Well that’s about to change.  Everyone of us has the ability to access everything known by everyone in times past and future. Let’s just say you know everything and leave “time” out of it.  What you have not had is a way to access it. Since you began your awakening your pathways in your brain have been setting up some roadways in preparation for the moment they are opened up by the direction of your higher self. You won’t be allowed to access them until your consciousness is at a state to use it only in service to the all. As you begin to reach that point the paths will be opened to see how you use it and then turned off again. This time period seems to be a day or less. For that time period every question you come upon you know the answer instantly.  Ideas for inventions will hit you and they will seem like such an obvious thing and easily developed. But within hours that will get turned off. Don’t be discouraged it will continue to happen for longer and longer durations as you prove you are ready for it. Technology doesn’t develop consciousness, consciousness develops technology. Without the proper level of consciousness higher technology will not be flowed down to the inventor.

Astral Travel at will:
If you haven’t felt or experienced this yet, another thing will be instant astral travel just by closing your eyes. No special process, no spinning around three times and bowing in any direction. Close your eyes and think of where you want to go and poof you are there. You haven’t actually left your body so don’t fall for the line that your body will be possessed while you are gone. You will be safe.

Higher Dimensional Sight:
You will likely also start seeing beyond 3D and likely have for a little bit by now (or perhaps your whole life already). Who knew so much more was around us than we could see?

Internal Energy Skyrockets:
The energy you feel inside when you concentrate on it will be many times higher than you ever felt before. Your body will feel like it’s shaking as you focus and fire up your new engines. It’s actually a bit startling but fun.

Telepathy will start to kick in for you. In truth it’s been there but it will become more obvious to you and enough so that you will work to develop it more.

Manifestation will occur and be guided by you without concentrating on it.  Everything you need will flow to you in order to assist the completion of your development.  Don’t expect to suddenly win the lottery but that is one possibility.

None of this should worry you. Anyone who lives “guided by the ego” will never get to this place.  Certainly anyone reposting this while mocking it are not at a point to attain it.   Everything is controlled by frequency gates. No lightworker can pretend to be a high enough vibration and get here. Shortly the frequency gates will become more obvious.  You will start to see that when you ask those that you have trusted to give you “all” the answers because of their highly advanced state of being, they will be caught short of having an explanation. This will serve to assist getting them pointing in the right direction again and their higher self will be thrilled.  Understand none of you need a “guru” to get you to this place.  You have all the answers and guidance within you.  No special crystal, CDs, apprenticeships, certifications, ET light chamber, et cetera are required before you can travel the path to Christ Consciousness.

What a wild ride this post has been.  I promise, although the picture seems to not necessarily fit with this content, I was assured that it does.  As I kept trying to find another picture I was constantly energetically redirected.  I didn’t get here by not following my guidance, so I surrendered and the picture above was selected.


The Multidimensional Minds Are Coming Online


Limitless in the true sense of the word. Your brain is without limits. It doesn’t quite work the way that it’s thought to work.

It really has two main functions:

1.) The first and most important is as an autopilot for your physical body.

2.) The second is as an interface with your mind. You mind is not in your physical body. Your mind is within your energy body which is all around your physical body. Yes it’s true that only a small part of your brain is used because it’s just an interface, it’s just a translating computer. We really perform quite well with this situation. This is why some people with so small of a brain that has been damaged by some illness, still are able to go to college and function in life.

But, the real reason for this post is to give a short update on what is happening with our brains. There is a two-fold process happening.

1.) You have been developing new pathways, using more of your brain. This has been an ongoing process. New pathways don’t just pop in there, well sometimes they do but mostly not. You are getting ready for when your multidimensional brain comes online. The switches are being tested. They are getting turned on for a few hours, then getting switched off. Everyone is at a different step in this process. Some just get a hint and others it’s like a firehose of knowledge pouring into your head.

2.) The second part of the process is learning how to make this connection. As is true for most of the things on this path, only surrender and flow allows it to happen in the most efficient manner. So don’t let it worry you and don’t overthink the process. It will come to you in your own perfect timing. Your Multidimensional Mind is really not “yours”, it’s everyone’s. Everyone’s in every galaxy. It is all the knowledge known and ever to be known. Like was explained previously, you can only access that which your frequency allows you to access. Frequency gates only allow what is appropriate for you.

What you will start seeing, and I know this from my own experiences, is totally new amazing answers to age old questions and inventions that will literally make your jaws drop when they start coming out.

I notice that this new process just quietly sits there waiting for you to use it. It won’t tap you on the shoulder, most times, and say let’s design something. But if you find someplace quiet, get a laptop or paper and pencil, start making notes of different ideas you have. Write down the details that come to your mind. Don’t question any of it just let it flow and try to keep it all organized. When nothing else comes to you, save it and walk away and don’t think of it again. Another day, maybe the next day, maybe two weeks later, you’ll get the nudge to sit down with it again. It will all piece together over time. Nothing in our new experiences will be rushed, no pressure to produce the invention will hurry it. Your multidimensional mind will assist you in completing the project or invention at exactly the right time. Have fun with it, you have all literally waited eons to get this back. Yes, you’ve all had this ability before. It’s truly here now. One more piece of the puzzle is getting put into place. The finished puzzle will be something of unimaginable beauty. Thank you all for being here, we are once again together finishing the work we started so long ago.


Get Used To Your New Skin


What this means is as more and more of your higherself comes down into your physical you’re going to have some weird energy things going on.  When this happens it’s rarely perfect.  There is a period of equalization.

The situation is, now you have two parts of you trying to occupy the same space, and although it will work out fine in a few months there may be some unusual energetic stiffness until both energy bodies can harmonize sufficiently.    Your higherself has to get comfortable being within you now.  Remember we said previously the energy that used to rush in from your crown chakra will move from above you to within you.  Believe me it sounds much easier than it really is for the physical body.  All your little cells are screaming (in a good way) trying to relax with this new source of energy living in the same space they have lived for up to 7 years.  Yes every atom in you is replaced within 7 years.

One thing that will happen is your overall energy is going to change.  You may have been warm all the time before but for a few weeks after this happens you are going to have maybe a few weeks that you are cold.  You may have always had warm hands and warm feet, for a period of maybe 2 weeks you could have cold hands and or feet.  This may happen a few times but it will level off and go back to where it was before this merging.  But one of the weird things is there will be different spots on you, and it will be different for everyone, where something about the energy is going to take a little bit longer to settle in.  You might have a weird feeling on your back, kind of an annoying little ache or pain that was never there before.  This will always be in the same spot and it will have started around the time your energy changed.  Some people might have something weird with your foot.  You’ll feel a pain in your foot but you’ll wiggle your toes around and can move them with your hand but you can’t make it hurt that same way again.  The pain or ache will be sporadic.  But you won’t be able to reproduce it no matter how you move or manipulate your foot.  This is one of those things that will drive you or your doctor crazy if you go to the doctors for it.  They won’t find anything.

Please go to the doctor if you wish to be sure, but if they find nothing please try to relax about it.  Let it happen.  The more you worry about it the more grief you will give yourself.  Just try to relax into it and it will work itself out.  You may get a bit of a white glow from it as well :)


You Are All Connecting To Gaia Through The Grid

Gaia Grid

“Oh wow that’s great, why should I care?”

Many are already seeing why this is important.  But I will explain an amazing part of it that at least some of you are experiencing.

Are you noticing that you are doing some things differently than you used to do them?

And for whatever reason this new method works much better than the way you did it before.  Yes, yes, you are all brilliant. :)  Part of what occurs when you are connected is you benefit from the knowledge of everything that is known.  Gaia has that connection to this information.  Your connection to the grid offers this same knowledge to you as well.  Yes, I know you don’t feel like you know everything, can you imagine the turmoil if everyone instantly did?  It would be a wonderful thing, but not in your world’s current state.  There will be a time soon (sorry) when everyone will instantly know everything but it will fade rather quickly.  That will give you a taste of the possibilities.

Frequency gates prohibit this knowledge from beings until they have reached a level of consciousness that would never use it for the detriment of others.  Until that time you will be given little morsels of knowledge that will continue to build as you raise your vibration.  Use each morsel wisely since they are all like mini tests to see how you use them.

Pay attention each day and see when you notice this.  It’s but one small fun thing that is happening that many who ask “Why isn’t anything changing?” will not even notice.


What Will You Do When The Veil Is Lifted?

Piercing the veil

The veil is lifted for everyone at the time which is perfect for them.  Will there be a time when it lifts for everyone at the same time?  Perhaps.

Prepare yourself and imagine how you will react.  It will be so exciting.  But if it happens before any mass unveiling prepare yourself for a different result than you expected.  “Why won’t it be like I expect?”

Do you remember what it was like when you were old enough to know the truth about Santa Claus?  Did you run around and tell all the other kids?  Well, yes, some did, but it was preferred that you “bigger kids” kept that secret so the younger ones would still be surprised and feel the magic of Christmas on Christmas morning.  So it is similar now.

As the veil lifts for you, all the answers you wondered about will be part of your knowing.  Yes that is amazing and something to be very grateful about.  But along with this new knowing comes the responsibility of how you will handle it.

You will find that just reading a book, from a profound speaker which you looked up to in the past, is no longer the same.  You now realize with your knowing that some of what this speaker said that you believed, is different than even they thought.  It’s difficult to just appreciate anything that you thought was factual.  So what do you do with this knowing?  You do the same thing you did as the big kid that knew about Santa.  You smile at others’ excitement and assist them as much as you can.  You can’t just start correcting everyone and explaining how it really is.  No, you have a responsibility to support those still learning without ignoring their free will to experience their life as they are guided.

Your learning has not ended here.  In fact you can never stop learning.  You will master this stage as well as finding your new direction.  You may wish to be a teacher or a guide.  But understand that when this happens for you, the loop the loop reincarnation cycle is finished, unless you choose to do so again to assist at times like this when changes need to be made and Source requests your help.

There are many other planets out there and all in varying stages of consciousness, working there way back home.  They are in need of beings with precisely your skill set.  Thank you for your assistance during this time.  Without many, many others like you, this shift could never have happened.

Info on the original wood engraving of the picture above can be found here.


As best as I can tell.  These are the posts that want to be combined here.

Object by Sun and two CMEs with 950nm Infrared Filter

Object by Sun and two CMEs with 950nm Infrared Filter. Obstructing the Sun to see object near it. You can also see two Coronal Mass Ejections blow by the object towards the end of the video.

Interesting How Your Vibration Interacts With Nature


I do not live in Canada but the Canadian Geese think I do.  We have them in our neighborhood all year long.

“Normally” when I walk down the street and they see me coming as soon as I’m two houses away they start squawking and then take to the air for their “Safety”.

Say goodbye to “Normal”.

Today as I walked down the street I walked by 20 of them.  I was within a foot or less of many of them.  They looked up and then back to their business of eating the neighborhood lawns and fertilizing them at the same time.  Thankfully they do this out of the goodness of their heart and charge us no fees for the service.

I couldn’t count how many times I’ve walked by them in the past.  But now it’s “Different”.

I bid them a wonderful day and kept on my way, happy, shocked and grateful for these little reassurances that the world really is changing.

Object Next To Sun Visible in Infrared Spectrum.

Timelapse of Sun with 950nm filter

(Video is 52 seconds long created with one frame per second)

There might actually be an object at the lower left of the Sun. As the Sun moves to a point where the window frame obscures it, the object at the lower left remains in the view and still apparently emitting it’s own or reflected infrared light.

The Sun Today through an Infrared Filter – An Interesting Video

Ok here’s some fun. I decided to video the sun with a 950nm Infrared Filter today. There were two discs by the sun. One at 5:30 and 11:00 if you reference them like a clock dial. I just considered them as lens flare even though they didn’t move as I changed the perspective of the camera. I still was perfectly fine with that theory until the top left one moved fast independent of the other objects in the view. The camera was on a tripod so it wasn’t from camera movement. I’ve slowed it down to 1/8 normal speed. I have no great debunking theory myself.

Ever get the feeling reality messes with you just because you watch it waiting for it to slip up?

What “You” Expect…

Joy Rainbow

The key to your amazing future is only “What you expect”.

What you expect to happen is what happens.

That’s why the news is murder, death, kill.

All those watching the news give power to that possible future.

Expect amazing, expect miracles as just what happens every day and have amazing gratitude knowing it will be as you expect.

Quick Video – Light Being Video 5 02052014

Here’s another of that different shaped entity from last night.

It’s All For You, Because You Are Looking


One thing I determined today is these things (Orbs, Lightbeings, UFOs etc) happen because we are noticing. It happens because you look for it to happen. That’s the key to interaction with the mind of source.

There is a program on Android phones called EyeCam. It records when it sees motion. I expected to catch great orb and lightbeing videos as I slept. But after a couple nights of this experiment I find that the videos I get of the orbs and fairies happen because “I” (or You) are looking for them to be videoed. The universe is conspiring to make us happy and interact with us. The magic doesn’t exist for the equipment it exists for us.

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