Interesting How Your Vibration Interacts With Nature


I do not live in Canada but the Canadian Geese think I do.  We have them in our neighborhood all year long.

“Normally” when I walk down the street and they see me coming as soon as I’m two houses away they start squawking and then take to the air for their “Safety”.

Say goodbye to “Normal”.

Today as I walked down the street I walked by 20 of them.  I was within a foot or less of many of them.  They looked up and then back to their business of eating the neighborhood lawns and fertilizing them at the same time.  Thankfully they do this out of the goodness of their heart and charge us no fees for the service.

I couldn’t count how many times I’ve walked by them in the past.  But now it’s “Different”.

I bid them a wonderful day and kept on my way, happy, shocked and grateful for these little reassurances that the world really is changing.

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  1. Us Canadians are a friends bunch 🙂 glad to see our geese are being taken care of down there!

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