Eliza: We’ve been waiting for you!”

This is my truth as well. The only assistance that I’m aware of is my HigherSelf but the rest of what she says I feel like I wrote it myself.
Thanks for your post Eliza.

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: “We’ve been waiting for you…”

Today I heard these words from Master Melchizedek spoken through his disciple, Meleriessee. You see, dear ones, in the higher planes of being, I AM already a member of the Priesthood and in this lifetime am going through the stages of initiation. Only this time, I AM in the process of descension that is bringing the essence of my Higher Self into my three lower bodies (physical, mental and emotional). And I am not alone in this process; there are many people on the planet now currently undergoing some form of initiation.

According to Theosophy, there are nine primary planetary initiations, seven of which that can be taken while in physical embodiment. I am in the latter portion of the Third, the Transfiguration, named so after the stages that Jesus passed through until he ascended and beyond. I was told that I would soon…

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