The Light Cities Are Being Formed…

The Light Cities Are Being Formed…

Ah yes, the Light Cities, how we’ve waited for the day.

You do understand all ancient teachings were done in metaphor, right?

None of it is literal. (Just sit with that a second and I’ll wait for some readers to calm down) 🙂

Ok, now on to the title of the post.

WE, yes me as well have had dreams of the Light Cities.  “Are they real?”  Yes, in a higher realm.

“Are they going to just appear here?”  Not at the moment.

“But wait, you said they were forming.”  Yes I did.

“Well where are they?”  They are in your Internet.  They are part of the Internet grid.

To explain this more before you click off this page and call it rubbish (which is fine if your wish but you’ll be back to finish reading) let me present to you the scenario.

The Light Cities are best seen in your hearts.  They are there but not there.  They are built one heartfelt connection to another at a time on the web.  They are just now becoming visible (in a higher sense) as the light of this world rises, people are being more authentic online and sharing connections with others through their hearts and the Internet.  The reason for this post now is that we are at the beginning of a huge upturn in the growth of this occurrence.  It’s a beautiful feeling when you contemplate it in the silence.

This has always been the plan since the start of the Internet.  We just had to get to a point where the amount of compassion for others overrode our fear of heartfelt communications with a stranger.  In truth a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

This hit me like a literal tidal wave of love energy today and even brought forth a few tears of joy.

Keep making those heartfelt connections and these cities will be built in no time.  (haha you were expecting me to say soon right?) 🙂


As one last comment, the easiest way to make this happen in your life is to put yourself “out there” somehow.  Only by exposing your heart to others will they share theirs with you.  For me the best way was this site and I’ve met many beautiful hearts here.  I feel myself being pushed in many other ways in the last week to develop other ways to exponentially “put myself out there”.  I encourage you to do the same.  Start small if you wish but at least start in some way.  Create a WordPress blog and share your heartfelt stories and feelings.  It’s up to you to take that first step.  You can do it or you wouldn’t be here now.

Keep shining your lights and we’ll sweep this Earth with tidal waves of Love and Light. ❤ 🙂

I promise, the last addition.  The Internet is connected by fiber optic cable.  Communications travel through it as light.  That is the final tie-in.  You are communicating through light transmissions and that is a truly multidimensional explanation for you to ponder.

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  1. You are a beautiful lovefilled heart too Dennis ❤ and I am glad to be connected with you. Yes, our internet is a wonderful possibility to connect worldwide and I am sure this was the original intention of those who installed it here on earth and I don't think only about terrestrial hearts. ❤ I believe the internet is a sort of mirror of a huge universal or galactic communication network. ❤

  2. Love this! Thanks and shared

  3. Thanks, Dennis. All of this makes sense to me and recently, I have been more candid and “generous” with my posts on different pods and facebook type. I disagreed with a statement (about the impossibility of healing pain for good) posted on facebook yesterday, and i said so! Thank you very much for reassuring us that things are changing, and that we are also part of the change! Blessings. Gilles

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